Common Pre-Requisites Quick Guide
Visit the pre-requisite quick guide to view common courses required by professional health programs. 

Experiences Tracking Document (human medicine)

Experiences Tracking Document (animal medicine) 

HPA Request for Committee Letter
Do you plan to apply to medical school or another professional program in the coming year? Complete this form if you intend to request a committee letter from the Health Professions Advising office at Puget Sound. Forms are due by April 1st for the application cycle in which you intend to apply. 

HPA Pre-Mock Interview Form
If you are a Puget Sound student or graduate who is planning to apply to medical school or another health-related professional program, we encourage you to participate in a mock interview. Complete this form at least one week prior to your scheduled interview date. Don't have an interview scheduled but want to know more? Contact to learn more and reserve a specific mock interview date. 

HPA Reapplication and Request for an Updated Committee Letter
Are you reapplying to a professional program this cycle? If so, be sure to complete a request for an updated committee letter to accompany your application.

HPA Logger Alumni Follow Up
Have you been accepted into medical school or another health-related professional program after graduating from Puget Sound? Let us know about this step in your journey!