Majoring in art history at Puget Sound allowed me to grow as a thinker, writer, and communicator. Through my courses and assignments, I learned to argue my point effectively and think about the many facets of a work of art or situation. I was asked to think critically about my own viewpoint while also considering others. I currently work at the San Jose Museum of Art, teaching kids in the galleries and leading hands-on art projects.

My studies at UPS have meant that I can thoughtfully design tours and facilitate conversations in a manner that enhances students’ understanding of art and creates connections between the works they see at the museum and their experiences in the world outside. The many presentations and class discussions I was asked to lead prepared me well for leading student groups. In contrast, the breadth of coursework prepared me to discuss works that span media, subject, and art historical influences. Additionally, my professors offered me the support I needed to explore my own interests in art history and forge my way through the complexities of figuring out what one should do in life. In the next 5 to 10 years, I hope to attend graduate school and continue museum work.