Academic Advising, in conjunction with your peer advisor and faculty advisor, are hosting two events to help first-year and Fall 2021 transfer students get...REGISTRATION READY!

Attend ANY PeopleSoft Training session (Oct. 24-28) and the Registration Planning Meeting for YOUR advising class (Oct. 24-Nov. 5). Check with your PA for details on your RPM.

Registration happens the week of Nov. 8. Check your email for a message from the Registrar directing you to your myPugetSound to find your appointment date and time.

Infographic outlining what to expect at PeopleSoft Mechanics Sessions and Registration Planning Meetings

The infographic to the right explains the details about what is covered at each event and how attending both will help you get registered.

NOTE: Peer advisors host the PeopleSoft Mechanics Sessions to teach you HOW to register. RPMs focus on WHAT to register for and are usually attended by your faculty and peer advisor. CONFIRM WITH YOUR FACULTY ADVISOR HOW YOUR HOLD WILL BE RELEASED.