How does an incoming first year student become a part of this program?
This program is by invitation only. The office of admission will directly invite a select group of students who their counselors see as a best fit for the program.

How much does FYI cost to participate?
FYI does not cost anything for participants. Tuition, housing, and food during the two week program are all covered by FYI.

When does it happen?
FYI is a two week program that occurs the two weeks prior to orientation for incoming first year students. In 2023 the program will run from Saturday August 5, through Friday, August 18. Move-in day for FYI students is Friday, August 4.

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Do I have to stay on campus for the program?
Yes, this is a residential program. All incoming first year students who are participating in FYI will move into their permanent residential hall when they begin the program. The program is set up for FYI participants to have their room ready for early move-in at no additional cost. This also means FYI participants will be settled in prior to orientation week. 

What is the curriculum?
Curriculum for FYI consists of two areas of focus and an additional resource focus: 1. Oral and written communication, 2. quantitative reasoning and 3. an inside look at the resources across campus. Current Puget Sound faculty teach these courses, and students and staff from across campus support all curriculum. 

Do students get academic credit for it?
Yes. Participating incoming first year students will obtain academic credit towards graduation by fulfilling the expectations of the program and meeting the academic requirements of the courses. Tuition is covered for this course.

What about orientation? How does this interact with orientation week?
This program happens prior to orientation, the two weeks before. As part of the FYI onboarding, incoming first years and their families will experience aspects of first year orientation at the beginning of FYI. Thus, some aspects of the official first year orientation will be waived, as to not have students repeat components. 

How many students participate?
FYI launched in 2021 with the intended number of participants to be 50. 

Who can I talk to to learn more about this program?
If you have more questions regarding the program please send an email to and someone will respond to your inquiry. 

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I’m a current University of Puget Sound student and I would like to apply to be a student leader. How can I do this?
Each year FYI will need current Puget Sound students to be student leaders for the two week program in August. Each spring the director of FYI will be looking for student leaders. Student leaders must be rising juniors or seniors, be in good academic standing, engage in leadership across campus, and someone who desires to be a mentor for incoming students. If you have interest you may reach out to the current director at to inquire about student leader opportunities for the coming summer.

I’m a faculty member and I’d like to be considered to teach for this program. Who should I speak to?
Each year FYI will seek faculty to teach the Oral and Written Communication (OWC) class, and the Quantitative Reasoning (QR) class for the two week program prior to orientation week. OWC faculty will also advise their cohort of students from the FYI program, which will include a .25 GPS course in the fall. QR faculty will teach for the two weeks in the summer only. If you are interested in supporting FYI please contact the current director at Faculty will be selected in the spring semester prior to the FYI summer program.