(including sexual assault, stalking, dating violence, domestic violence)

The University of Puget Sound values and celebrates a diverse educational community based on mutual respect, trust, and responsibility. The university believes that students, faculty members, and all other staff members should learn, teach, work, serve, and lead in an environment free from discrimination and harassment.

The university does not provide a substitute procedure for addressing any person's legal rights, or create legal rights separate from applicable laws. The university may, however, take appropriate protective and administration action to remedy a problem that could also be remedied by resort to legal action.

The university encourages any persons who believe they/others have been subject to discrimination or harassment to complete this form.

Anonymous or partial reports are accepted except in cases where staff or faculty are fulfilling their Responsible Employee obligations. The university tries to provide supportive measures to all Complainants, which may be impossible if the Complainant's name is not provided. Because reporting carries no obligation to initiate a formal response, and as the university respects Complainants’ desired outcome, unless there is a compelling threat to health and/or safety or other substantial university interest, the Complainant is largely in control and should not fear a loss of privacy by making a report that allows the university to discuss and/or provide supportive measures. 

Glossary of terms (PDF)

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