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Wind Ensemble and Symphonic Band

Concerto for Violin and Wind Ensemble (2009)
I. With a forward-driving energy (9.5 MB MP3 file)
II. Wistfully (8.2 MB MP3 file)
III. Swing Eighths (5.6 MB MP3 file)

As the Blue Night Descends Upon the World for Wind Ensemble (2007) (14.36 MB MP3 file) (also on YouTube)

Jeux d'Enfants wind ensemble version (2007) (9.4 MB MP3 file)

The Forest Nocturnal Triptych (2010) for Symphonic Band

I. "The forest spectral and pathless all around" (4.8 MB MP3 file)
II. "Islands of stars in a lake of black" (4.8 MB MP3 file)
III. "The westering cast of the moonlight" (5.3 MB MP3 file)

Dancing on the Strand for Wind Ensemble (2003) (6.8 MB MP3 file)

Musser Overture for Wind Ensemble (2005) (5.2 MB MP3 file)

The Slow Voyage Through Night for Symphonic Band (1999) (5.87 MB MP3 file)

Orchestra and String Orchestra

Jeux d'Enfants for orchestra (2002) (7.42 MB MP3 file)

Fantasia on Themes of Mozart for string orchestra (2006)
Excerpt 1 (opening) (2.35 MB MP3 file)
Excerpt 2 (2.82 MB MP3 file)
Excerpt 3 (slow section) (2.63 MB MP3 file)
Excerpt 4 (ending) (2.11 MB MP3 file)

The Moon Kissing The Sea for string orchestra (1996) (12.2 MB MP3 file)

Electroacoustic Music

Fric-Frac for oboe, clarinet, and tape (tape only on mp3) 

Sprachlehre for 6-string electric bass and tape

Chamber Music

Three Character Pieces for mixed chamber ensemble (1994)
Aye, Accordingly (2.71 MB MP3 file)
pacific woodlands (5.23 MB MP3 file)
Ask My Neighbors (4.96 MB MP3 file)