Steven Neshyba

Steven NeshybaProfessor, Chemistry

BA, Reed College, 1981
PhD, Yale University, 1990

Physical, atmospheric



On sabbatical leave, Spring 2015



Ivan Gladich, SISSA

Pavel Jungwirth, UOCHB

Penny Rowe, NWRA

Von Walden, University of Idaho

Raul Cordero, USACH


Research highlights:

A 2013 journal article “Roughness metrics of prismatic facets of ice”, coauthored by UPS students Lowen, Benning, and Lawson, was listed in the Special Research Spotlight of EoS and marked for Editor's highlight on the journal's home page.

Some cool cloud movies recorded by David Roesel

Complex refractive indices of supercooled water


 Curriculum Vitae