Exercise is Medicine (EIM) is a global health initiative founded in 2007 by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) with the American Medical Association (AMA) as a result of the evidence that physical activity plays a powerful therapeutic role in the prevention and management of many chronic health conditions.

Exercise is Medicine On Campus (EIM-OC) programs call upon their universities and colleges to create programs for students, faculty, and staff to learn more about exercise as a medicine and provide programming to help members of the campus community meet minimum recommended levels of physical activity. It also aims to educate future exercise and health care professionals about the importance of integrating EIM and physical activity into clinical care, and connect health care with evidence-based resources for people everywhere and of all abilities.


To foster collaborative relationships and leadership among the University of Puget Sound community to support physical and mental health in accordance with the EIM-OC vision and goals.


To see all campus and community members across multiple disciplines discover, share, and adopt the principles of EIM that promotes a culture of joyful movement through physical activity to foster health and wellness campus wide.

Goals for every Puget Sound student:
  • To graduate with a better understanding of their personal health and fitness and how to improve it
  • To become knowledgeable and passionate advocates for the benefits of regular physical activity
  • To understand the importance of creating accessible spaces and opportunities to engage in joyful movement and physical activity
Leadership team

Advisor: Gary McCall, Professor of Exercise Science
Health Care Professional: Danny McMillian, Clinical Professor and Program Chair of Physical Therapy
Health Fitness Professional: Brent Roling, Strength & Conditioning Coach for Athletic Dept.
Student Member: Andrew Brown, Doctoral candidate in Physical Therapy
Student Member: Vale Woodard: Exercise Science and Psychology dual major

Leadership Opportunity for EXSC Students Spring 2022

The Exercise Is Medicine On Campus (EIM-OC) leadership team needs two student members to join the 2022-23 leadership team. If you will be a student on the Puget Sound Campus next academic year, this represents a great opportunity for you to get involved in a leadership role and build your legacy at Puget Sound!

The Puget Sound EIM-OC program began in the Senior Capstone course during Spring 2021. In 2021-22, we have thus far sponsored fitness walks during common hour for the campus community and aim to continue these walks, as well as promote one-to-two additional events during the spring semester.

The EIM-OC team is led by Dr. Gary McCall, and consists of two students and two other members with expertise in clinical and fitness areas. The EIM-OC leadership team meets a few times each semester to set the agenda for the EIM-OC program and brainstorm new initiatives to promote physical activity in our campus community. Just about anything is possible with enough energy and planning!

If you are interested in this opportunity, email Gary McCall garymccall@pugetsound.edu.

  • The spring 2023 Campus Fitness Walk is scheduled for April 12 during common hour! Meet outside the Welcome Center for an invigorating walk around campus together! Join us to promote the benefits of incorporating movement into your day. All are welcome!

  • Join us on Wednesday, Dec. 8, 2021 for our next campus fitness walk! Meet outside the Welcome Center at 12:15 p.m. and enjoy an end-of-the-semester, stress-reducing walk together until 1 p.m., or for however long you are available.

  • October is Exercise is Medicine on Campus Month! Join us on Oct. 20 for a campus fitness walk. Wednesday, Oct. 20 from 12:15-1 p.m. All are invited to meet outside the Puget Sound Welcome Center

Exercise is Medicine on Campus