Emma Welty, Class of 2018, was a Natural Science (Biology) major from Littleton, Colorado. Since her sophomore year, Emma has participated in Global Brigades, an organization that allows students to partner with local communities in Nicaragua, Panama, or Honduras to address local health issues and needs and to provide assistance in building infrastructure. In the summer of 2016, Emma studied abroad in India, where as part of a School for International Training (SIT) program, she studied traditional medicine and healthcare practices. This program allowed Emma to explore traditional and modern healthcare systems in India and analyzed how both systems are responding to rapid economic growth and modernization. Emma's experience in India was extended to her GDS senior thesis, Gender, Caste, and Water Management in Rural India. The central issue that Emma addressed in her thesis was the relationship between gender and water management in rural India, focusing especially on how minority groups, like Dalit women, experience greater discrimination within their community and how this prejudice influences access to and management of natural resources.