Work Composer Date Performed
Duo Seraphim T.L. de Victoria 10/1/2010
How Sweet the Moonlight Sleeps R.H. Young 10/1/2010
Wir eilen mit schwachen, doch emsigen Schritten J.S. Bach 10/1/2010
Taivas on Sininen Finnish Folk Song; Arr. D. Patriquin 10/9/2010
The Road Home S. Paulus 10/9/2010
Carol fo the Bells M. Leontovich 12/7/2010
Blake's Cradle song from Songs of Innocence M. Sirrett 12/7/2010
Ave Maria G. Holst 12/7/2010
Ziemas svetki sabraukusi from Two Latvian Carols A. Jansons 12/7/2010
Ma Navu J. Spivak; Arr. B. Wolfman 12/7/2010
Go Where I Send Thee! Arr. P. Caldwell and S. Ivory 12/7/2010
O Virtutis Sapientiae Hildegard of Bingen 4/10/2011
There is Sweet Music D. Gawthrop 4/10/2011
Come Unto These Yellow Sands A. Beach 4/10/2011
How Sweet the Moonlight Sleeps R. Young 4/10/2011
Ma Navu J. Spivak; Arr. B. Wolfman 4/10/2011
Gloria from Mass No. 6 G. Orban 4/10/2011
The Singing Place J. Szymko 4/10/2011
Roll, Jordan, Roll Traditional; Arr. B. Tate 4/10/2011
Aure Volanti F. Caccini 5/3/2011