Work Composer Date Performed
Sweet Day R.V. Williams 10/3/2008
Wana Baraka Kenyan Folk Song; Arr. S. Kirchner 10/3/2008
Now is the Month of Maying T. Morley 11/1/2008
Nigra Sum P. Casals 11/1/2008
Sweet Little Jesus Boy Traditional Spiritual; Arr. M. Neaum 11/1/2008
Popule Meus J. Busto 5/5/2009
Songs fro Spring P. Liljestrand 5/5/2009
Weep No More D. Childs 5/5/2009
Takeda no Komoriuta from Three Japanese Folk Songs Arr. M. McManus 5/5/2009
Ower the Hills Scottish Melodies; Arr. S. Hatfield 5/5/2009
Come On Up Traditional Spiritual; Arr. A. Parker 5/5/2009
And So It Goes B. Joel; Arr. K. Shaw 5/5/2009
Las Amarillas Mexican Folk Song; Arr. S. Hatfield 5/5/2009