Jung Kim

Jung Kim

Associate Professor and Chair, Exercise Science

My research interests are focused on elucidating the cellular and molecular mechanisms involved in regulating skeletal muscle phenotype under varying loads using rodents. Models for increased activity include compensatory hypertrophy and exercise via wheel running. We hope to include decreased activity models such as hindlimb unloading and aging in future studies. The lab is also identifying some of the mechanisms regulating muscle repair following cardiotoxin-induced injury. Some of the techniques used in our laboratory include immunohistochemistry, histochemistry, gel zymography, and RT-PCR.

BS University of California, Los Angeles 1995
MA Pepperdine University 2000
Ph.D New Mexico State University 2006
Human Physiology EXSC 221-A 2234
Directed Research EXSC 380-A 2234

Contact Information

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