Julia Looper

Julia Looper

Professor, Physical Therapy

Julia Looper is responsible for courses in pediatrics and critical inquiry. Her clinical experience is in early intervention and working with children with developmental disabilities. Looper’s research focuses on the development of walking, and on physical therapy interventions that help children walk better. She frequently presents at conferences and has been published in Journal of Motor BehaviorDevelopmental Medicine and Child Neurology, and Physical Therapy. She frequently lectures at national conferences on interventions such as the use of orthoses (foot and ankle braces) and treadmill training for children with developmental disabilities. Articles include “Transition to Locomotion,” in Infant Behavior and Development (2015) and “How do toddlers increase their gait velocity?” in Gait and Posture (2013). Her research projects include Kick Training in Infants with Down Syndrome, and Intensive Home-Based Treadmill Training and Walking Attainment in Young Children with Cerebral Palsy.

BS Boston University 1999
MSPT Boston University 2001
PhD University of Michigan 2008

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