Jake Price

Jake Price

Assistant Professor, Mathematics and Computer Science

Professor Price received BA degrees in Mathematics and Physics from Kalamazoo College and an MS and a PhD in Applied Mathematics at the University of Washington. His interests are in scientific computing and multiscale simulation methods, as both a practical and theoretical tool. Almost any system of interest to scientists, in biology, chemistry, physics, or pure mathematics, can be understood at more than one scale of detail. He studies how these disparate scales interact with and inform one another. He will begin teaching at Puget Sound in 2018.

BS Kalamazoo College 2012
MS University of Washington 2012
PhD University of Washington 2018
Intro to Applied Statistics MATH 160-B Spring 2024
Intro to Applied Statistics MATH 160-C Spring 2024
Numerical Analysis MATH 310-A Spring 2024
Senior Thesis MATH 493-A Spring 2024

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