(Not for covid-19 related illnesses, see SubGrub for self-isolate or self-quarantine)

This form can be used to order/pick up food for persons who are sick. It can be used by sick individuals or others who can pick up and deliver food to sick persons. If this request is for pick-up within four hours, please submit the form and ALSO call x8544.

Please mark the items selected and have cash or a credit card or a campus ID/meal card to which the meal can be charged.

If you are nauseous or have diarrhea, it is best to rest your stomach and intestines. Persons should avoid all solid foods for 24 hours. If you have vomiting, you should take nothing by mouth for one hour. You may then want to consider sucking on ice chips or having water in tablespoon quantities. You then can double the amount of water every 20 minutes. It is vital to keep drinking fluids during your illness. If you vomit again, you should again avoid anything by mouth for one hour and then start with ice chips or tablespoon quantities of water.

Recommended fluids for nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea (in general, most clear liquids are fine) include:

  • Water
  • Powerade
  • Apple juice
  • Vitamin water
  • Broth
  • Flat soda (Sprite)
  • Herb teas (peppermint or chamomile are suggested)

When you have not thrown up for 18-24 hours, the following list of bland foods is recommended for the next 24-48 hours. After that time period, you may resume your normal diet, providing you feel well. If your symptoms worsen or persist, call Counseling, Health, & Wellness Services at x1555 during office hours. After hours, call the MultiCare Consulting Nurse Service at 253.792.6411 for advice.

Recommended foods for this period include:

  • Eggs (boiled or poached)
  • Cooked vegetables (carrots, green beans, squash, potatoes without skin)
  • Applesauce
  • Bananas
  • Dry toast (without butter)
  • Chicken noodle soup
  • Jell-o
  • Saltine crackers
  • Vegetable broth

If there is no known ulcer or lactose intolerance or diarrhea, then cottage cheese, yogurt, milk, milkshakes, and dairy-based blender drinks are acceptable. Small, frequent meals may be better tolerated. These are foods that generally should be avoided until persons are recovered:

  • Fried foods (high-fat foods)
  • Smoked foods (bacon, luncheon meat, sausage)
  • Pickles, Olives, Relish
  • Gas producing foods (cabbage, broccoli, cucumber, garlic, beans, onions, green pepper)
  • Spicy foods
  • Coffee, Black Tea, Cola
  • Alcohol
  • Black and Red Pepper
  • Food hot in temperature
  • Raw Fruits
  • Potato chips
  • Hard foods such as nuts, seeds, popcorn
  • Tortilla chips
  • Raw vegetables and bran (high fiber foods)


Recommended Fluids
Choose from the following items:
Recommended Foods
When you have not thrown up for 18-24 hours, the following list of bland foods is recommended for the next 24-48 hours. Choose from the following:
Cellar Products for Persons Who Are Sick
Following are items generally available form the Cellar during their open hours which include late night hours after 10 p.m. when the main dining services close.