The university allocates funds for travel by the full-time faculty for professional development. The following information is also available in the Departmental Travel Guidelines Document.

Deadline: N/A


As a regular line item in each department budget, the university allocates funds for travel by the full-time faculty for professional development. The funds constitute a departmental travel pool and all full time faculty members are to be involved equitably in the decisions regarding utilization of the funds for the benefit of the individual members, the department and the university. Professional development is broadly defined and would include travel to attend professional meetings, special meetings within the discipline on teaching or research and other professionally related activities. Departments are encouraged to develop guidelines for the distribution of the funds and to expend the funds on an annual basis.


These funds are intended for the use of full-time faculty members. Please see policy statement and documentation required for university support of travel outside the United States.


Application for these funds should be made to the department chair in accordance with procedures established by the department. If traveling outside the United States, the appropriate Foreign Travel Waiver documents (linked below) should be completed and forwarded to the Associate Dean.


There is no established deadline, although a department is free to set one.


A faculty member receiving such funds shall provide the following reports upon completion of the travel: (1) any invoices or other documentation required by the Office of Finance to substantiate the travel; and (2) a summary memorandum to the department chair outlining the travel activity and derived benefits.


If applicable, please complete these additional forms and upload them with your application.

Foreign Travel Waiver - if your research involves travel outside of the United States

Special Travel Waiver - if your travel includes countries on the Department of State's Travel Warning List or the Centers for Disease Control’s Travel Health Warning List