Department Heads and Program Directors (COVID Leads),

We are finalizing preparations for spring semester operations and COVID management.

As a COVID-19 Lead, you have a vital COVID management role at the department or program level. Below are reminders about that role and next step requests, involving COVID testing support.

Lead Role and COVID-19 Prevention Plans 

On November 5th I sent you follow-up correspondence about the COVID-19 Supervisory and Monitoring Structure, a key element of Puget Sound’s COVID management plan. It included reminders that you should:

  • Have developed a COVID-19 Prevention Plan specific to your department or program
    • The plan should identify you as the COVID-19 Lead and name a COVID-19 Coordinator(s) to support department/program COVID management functions
    • The plan should have been communicated to your department or program faculty and/or staff members
  • Be familiar with Puget Sound’s Work on Campus Plan requirements and guidance 
  • Be able to utilize the reporting feature in MyPugetSound (under “HR-Manager Self Service”, “COVID Screening-Employee”) to verify that the faculty and/or staff members in your department/program are completing daily screening
  • Know who to contact to refill sanitation supplies for your work area(s) 

Spring Faculty and Staff Testing Plan
Today, faculty and staff members will receive spring semester testing plan correspondence. Under the plan, each COVID Lead will be responsible for picking up and distributing testing kits to faculty and/or staff members in their department/program. Your supply will be based on information you recently provided Marta Cady about your department/program members’ expected weekly frequency on campus and nature of work. 

Facilities Services will organize each department’s/program’s kit supply into individual packages for each faculty and/or staff member (for once or twice weekly testing) for you to pick up. Testing kits will not be provided for faculty and staff not required to test per the testing framework. You or another department/program representative (perhaps your COVID-19 Coordinator) will need to pick up your department/program supply; e.g. perhaps your COVID-19 coordinator. Your representative will deliver the supply to your department/program work area for distribution to individual department/program members per your instructions. Each member’s two week kit package will have their name on it. You can distribute those packages in the way that best suits your operations, e.g. have kits hand delivered to members or have members pick up their kit from a central location ​in your work area (when they are next on campus). You need to communicate the process to your department members. Someone in your department or each member will note the date they receive their package on a form provided with your kit supply. You will maintain and monitor those department/program forms to verify members are receiving kits timely. 

The first kit pick-up day is Thursday, Jan. 14, in the rotunda between 8 a.m. and 2 p.m. Your representative should pick up your department/program supply anytime during that time frame. You need to ensure that the individual kit packages are distributed to your department/program faculty and/or staff members no later than Tuesday, Jan. 19, so they can commence testing.

Each day of testing, samples will be pooled into a group of about 20 and shipped to the lab to be tested together. Pooled test results are posted within 24–48 hours. If you are part of a pool in which someone tests positive for COVID-19, you will be notified by text and email, and you must immediately:

  • stay home; work remotely (if possible)
  • limit contact (social distance, wear a mask);
  • and notify your supervisor so that coverage may be arranged.

This modified quarantine should last approximately 24 hours, and no more than 48 hours, while the lab completes additional testing to identify the positive sample and members of the pool are notified. If you are unable to work as a result of being in this modified quarantine, please contact Payroll ( for instructions on reporting time loss. Nonexempt staff who cannot work due to quarantine from pooled testing will be paid. You can find more information about spring COVID-19 testing and protocols at

You will receive future correspondence about additional spring semester kit distributions. The next distribution date will be Friday, Jan. 29. We recognize that the nature of work and frequency on campus may change during the semester, resulting in a change in testing frequency (once or twice weekly), email Kerstyn Dolack prior to the next distribution date (see her contact information below). Provide Kerstyn your department/program member's name and requested once or twice weekly testing change (based on the member's frequency on campus and nature of work). 

To assist you, we have attached draft correspondence for you to send department or program faculty and/or staff members. Refine the draft as appropriate for your department or program. Describe how members will receive or access their package of kits. As noted above, we need faculty and staff to receive kits no later than Tuesday, January 19 (or by their first day on campus next week) to commence testing.

Next Steps
Here are this week's requests:

  • Remind department or program members about your COVID-19 Prevention Plan
  • Designate someone from your department/program to pick up your department/program test kits from the Rotunda on Thursday between 8 a.m. and 2 p.m.
  • Refine and send a final version of the attached draft email to your department/program members and take steps to ensure they receive their test kits

Contact me or Kerstyn Dolack if you have questions or need assistance with COVID management endeavors. Thank you for your ongoing assistance.

Bryan Necessary, A.S.P. | Director of Environmental Health and Safety
​T: 253.879.3933
F: 253.879.3537

​​Kerstyn M. Dolack | Occupational Health and Safety Manager
​T: 253.879.2778
​F: 253.879.3537