Funds are provided for the purpose of supporting the enrollment of faculty members in short-term courses or seminars. The following information is also available in the Course and Seminar Participation Guidelines.

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Deadline: Applications are due by May 15 and should be made at least sixty (60) days before commencement of the course


Funds are provided for the purpose of supporting the enrollment of faculty members in short-term courses or seminars. The objective of such activities should be the extension of established disciplinary expertise or the acquisition of knowledge in a separate but clearly related field. Normally, short courses or seminars offered before or after professional conferences will be funded on a per diem and tuition basis. Travel to the conference should be funded from departmental travel funds or, if applicable, from conference participation funds. To be funded, evidence of substantial work, such as pre-seminar or course reading or post-seminar reports, is required. Course and Seminar funds will support travel to the same course only once every five years.


These funds are intended for the use of tenure-line faculty, faculty holding ongoing clinical positions, faculty holding full-time three-year assistant professor appointments, and full-time, continuing artists-in-residence. Up to ten percent of the course and seminar funds may be awarded to faculty at the rank of Instructor and visiting faculty who have been in full-time service at the university for at least three years. Funding, up to 50% of total allowable expense including travel, tuition, and other per diem expenses up to a maximum of $995 per year, may be requested. (The $995 maximum per year may be used on a single program or several programs.) Instructors and visiting faculty with less than three years of service at the university and non-tenure-line short term replacements of tenure-line faculty will not be funded. Please see policy statement and documentation required for university support of travel outside the United States.


Application for these funds should be made to the University Enrichment Committee using the form available on the Faculty Professional Development Resources webpage. If applicable, also include a Foreign Travel Waiver.


Applications must be received by May 15 for consideration in the current fiscal year. Application, on a first-come first-served basis, should be made at least sixty (60) days before commencement of the course.


Grant recipients shall provide the following reports to the University Enrichment Committee, in care of Dean of Faculty Affairs Julie Christoph, Jones 106 or CMB 1020, within thirty days after completion of the course or seminar:

  1. When the course or seminar is complete, a report of substantial nature will be provided. It should include a summary and critical review of the course content, an outline of the professional growth and development as a result of the experience and an explanation of the impact of the course in his/her future teaching and/or professional advancement. The report should be submitted by the faculty member to the University Enrichment Committee: Upon acceptance of the report, funding will be released.
  2. A completed Reimbursement Request form available at the UEC Expense and Reimbursement Information webpage. Attach original invoices and receipts for all expenses.

Special Provisions

Faculty completing such courses or seminars are encouraged to share the results formally with their colleagues.

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Additional Forms:

If applicable, please complete these additional forms and upload them with your application.