There are three parts to installing Konica Printers on your computer.


If you have any questions about installing printers, please contact the Technology Service Desk for further assistance.



Part 1: Install Papercut on your computer

Papercut is the software that logs you in to the printer networks and tracks your printing.  If Papercut is not connected and running, you will not be able to print.

  1. In the Go dropdown menu select Connect to Server.

  2. Type smb://  You may be asked to verify that you would like to connect, and to enter your Puget Sound login; enter pugetsound\username when doing so.
    screenshots of progress for step 2 of the directions. Green arrows point left along the screenshots, indicating progression of following this step.
  3. Click on the Client-Local-Install icon to install the software.

  4. Enter your Puget Sound login and check Remember my Identity.
    screenshot showing steps for installing the local Print Deploy Client on a Mac. Copyservices is used as an example username. The "Remember My Identity" check box is selected in the last step.
  5. In the System Settings window, go to Users and Groups.  Select your User and choose Login Items.  Hit the plus button and add PCClient to your Login Items.
    screenshot of Users & Groups window from Mac System Settings. The current user is selected on the left column. The Login Items tab is selected above the main window on the right. "PCClient" is circled in red to indicate that it should be added to the list of login items.
  6. You will know that Papercut is running when the icon is visible at the upper right corner of your computer.
    screenshot show that the PaperCut icon is located in the task bar, which is in the upper left portion of the screen by default on Macs.

This method of installation will work best if you generally use your computer on campus.  If you regularly use VPN or experience other wi-fi issues, you may see an error window pop up that Papercut is unable to connect or that server wnpr11 is unavailable.  If you find this error popping up, please contact the Technology Service Desk for further assistance.

Part 2: Install the Printer Deployment package

This package will install the print drivers to connect your chosen printers to your computer.

  1. Click this link: and Download.

  2. Save the PaperCut Print Deploy package file to your computer, then click to run and complete the installation.
    screenshot showing steps for downloading and installing PaperCut Print Deploy Client: Download the client, click on the package to launch the installer, and follow the onscreen prompts to complete the installation.
  3. Once the installation is complete, the Hold and Release printer will be added to your computer automatically, and will appear as a choice when you hit Print. To use it, select it as your printer. Choose any options like double-sided, color, hole-punching, or stapling, under the Printer Features options.  Print as normal; you will receive a notice of a successful print.  Then go to any Konica copier on campus, log in with your Copier ID (or your Puget Sound login), and release the print.
    series of screenshots showing the selection of the "Hold and Release" printer and where to find print options for the printer once a user is ready to print. Print options can be found in the dropdown menu in the main print window at the bottom of the options list, listed as Printer Features. Screenshot shows that stapling and hole punching can be selected, and that user will see a confirmation screen that their document has printed.

Part 3: Choose any additional printers to install

To print directly to your local Konica copier without having to log in and release the print in person, you can add your local printer from the list of options.  You can add or delete from your list of printers at any time.

  1. In the upper right corner of your computer, you will see the Print Deployment icon.  Click and choose View My Printers.  This will show the list of installed Konica printers on your computer.
    screenshot show that the Print Deploy Client icon is located in the task bar, which is in the upper left portion of the screen by default on Macs.
  2. Select Add Printers from the navigation bar on the left. This will show a list of all available Konica printers.

  3. Find the printers that you would like to be able to print directly to and click Install.

  4. Print as normal, selecting the printer you would like to print directly to in the drop down list.

    collage of two screenshots showing how to add printers to your list for printing. Follows progression of steps 2 through 4 for Part 3 of the PaperCut setup process for Macs.