Kittredge Gallery shows off the latest in the Puget Sound art collection.

Elise Richman loves to watch people watching art. Richman, professor of art and art history, was curator of last fall’s Kittredge Gallery exhibition featuring the college’s newest art acquisitions. She attended the show’s opening, of course, but she went back several more times before it closed in December. “You see people approach, and walk back, and view from different vantage points,” she says. She also saw students studying the works and taking notes—and that was part of the point. The college has acquired a number of pieces of contemporary art in recent years, and the show was a way of introducing students and faculty members to those works. Making up half of the exhibition were 11 pieces given to Puget Sound by collectors Bennet H. Krohn ’86 and Aileen G. Krohn ’86 of Seattle.

Artworks on display in Kittredge Gallery