Public relations typically involves managing the public image of an organization or an individual. According to Carl Botan of Purdue University, the field has been growing at a fast rate because (1) the information society allows the reaching of specialized audiences which opens up the public relations field to new and ever-expanding approaches, and (2) public relations has been strongly affected internationally by changing economic structures. It is expected that employment trends will continue to rise as the conception of public relations continues to broaden into areas of international communications and training and development.

Botan advises anyone planning to enter the field to be aware that "effective writing is absolutely a critical skill." And with the advent of video newsletters and video production as an important aspect of public relations, a background in media production is a necessity for career planning in this area.

Careers in public relations

  • publicity manager
  • advertising manager
  • marketing specialist
  • press agent
  • lobbyist
  • corporate public affairs specialist
  • account executive
  • development officer
  • fund raiser
  • membership recruiter
  • sales manager
  • media analyst
  • media planner
  • creative director
  • audience analyst
  • news writer
  • public opinion researcher

Communication courses that can enhance a career in public relations

  • interpersonal communication
  • research methods
  • organizational communication
  • persuasion
  • contemporary issues in organizational communication
  • intercultural communication
  • communication and diversity
  • communication and conflict