Hello Class of 2017!

Wow! We are all officially Logger Alumni. As we venture out and move on into our next adventures in the “real world” we want to remind you that Puget Sound will always be a home away from home for you.

During the past year our class participated in the Senior Class Gift Campaign that helped us provide future loggers the opportunity to attend UPS. While a gift of five dollars may seem to have little impact, by us doing it together we were able to make a big difference. These donations are the class of 2017 paving the way to ensure that Puget Sound is accessible to every desirable student regardless of their ability to pay.

As we are all adjusting to what comes next, we want to encourage you to reflect on your time at Puget Sound. We hope you take the time to think about everything Puget Sound has given you. To remember all of the professors who took the time to personally invest in your education and the countless clubs and organizations you were a part of, or at least signed up for at Log Jam every year. I hope these memories help encourage you to give back. Every gift truly does make a difference and help Puget Sound shape and grow. Together, we can help provide countless students the same, if not greater, experiences and educations that we had during our time on campus.

Thank you!

The 2017 Senior Class Gift Committee

Class Gift Agents
Mikayla K. Hougan
Alana S. Levine-Gorelick
Meredith A. Macmillan MacMillan
Amelia C. Rice

Number of Donors: 195

$1 - $999
Drew A. Abelson
Molly M. Agan
Lauren E. Alpert
Miles H. Anderson
Peyton M. Anstine
Linnaea M. Arnett
Nathaniel K. Ashford
Ken I. Aviananda
Steven E. Babich
Meghan C. Bacher
Spencer D. Bambrick
James J. Barber
Liana V. Bardallis
Sabrina L. Barnett
Logan D. Bays
Elena S. Becker
Meg E. Birmingham
Maria C. Birrell
Matthew W. Bogert
Madi J. Bolejack
Sam J. Boos ▲
Madison T. Bowden
Emily G. Bowman
Rosalie J. Boyle
Sean E. Bradley
Mary E. Brehove
Clara E. Brown
Andrew S. Budge
Christopher Y. Bueno
Tony R. Calabrese-Thomas
Sam G. Carp
Taylor M. Chang
Karen A. Cheney
Cody M. Chun
Sarah J. Ciambrone
Graham W. Cobb
Sarah A. Cobbett
Quitterie M. Collignon
Layne M. Croney
Andy R. Crosby
Mara M. Cummings
Mac O. Curley
Ryan M. Darrow
Irene O. Deng
Kyla K. Dierking
Mitchell J. Dodo
Emma J. Donckels
Lisa M. Dornisch
Mary C. Dwigans
Bailey J. Edwards
Chris P. Egan
Eden F. Ehrmann
Suzy A. Eiffert ▲
Ellie K. Engel
Tess N. Exumé
Matthew A. Feldmann
Hannah P. Ferguson
Mary Ferreira-Wallace
Hannah P. Floren
Makenzie Y. Fong
Hannah C. Freeman
Larissa M. Freier
Elizabeth R. Frost
David R. Fuller
Mark R. Gilbert
Taylor L. Gonzales
Sophie R. Grossman
Jensen T. Handwork
Hayden T. Harper
Cole E. Harris
Reid J. Hartmann
Sage M. Haynes
Molly B. Hazlehurst
Marcella R. Heineke
Will D. Henderson
Max Hirtz-Wolf
Katie M. Holland
Mikayla K. Hougan ▲
Eric A. Hover
Allie R. Hoy
Beth M. Hoy
Ian D. Hughes
Hailey L. Hyde ▲
Cole M. Jackson
Zoe M. Jenkins
Molly R. Jennings
Joey R. Jepson
Amanda E. Johnson
Haley C. Brame Judson
Cody T. Kagawa
Ellen C. Kalenscher
Nora R. Katz
Holly J. Keehn
Olivia C. Keene
Mia I. Kelliher
Leah H. Kelly
Amanda C. Kemble
Mitch D. Kilgore
Adrian A. Kljucec
Rob E. Korbel
Maddy E. Kunz
Hunter W. Kurtis
Keegan E. Kyle
Emily C. Landauer
Kristen M. Lane
Andrew J. Langtry ▲
Addison B. LaRock
Bailee C. Larson
Ethan E. Laser
Nathan C. Laviste
Riley C. Lawrence
Hannah L. Lehman
Amanda M. Lemelin
Cassidy R. Lenseigne
Alana S. Levine-Gorelick ▲
Maddie N. Luther
Meredith A. Macmillan MacMillan
Trini Mak
Sonya H. Malamut
James A. Markin IV
Emily A. Martis ▲
Nick E. McComb
Jesse P. McConnell
Brent L. McCoy
Rita K. McCreesh
Hattie B. McKay
Cassandra J. McMurry
Aidan M. Merris
Olivia R. Michaelson
Roger H. Miller
Sierra K. Miller
Zach J. Miller
Catherine E. Mooney-Myers
Amber M. Moore
Hanna R. Moore
Matthew A. Moreno
Sarah D. Mueller
Jayme M. Murakami
Kristi T. Nagamine
Allison R. Nasson
Alexis N. Noren
Mary A. Ontiveros
Brian M. Parker ▲
Doug L. Parker
Luke D. Parkinson
Kaylana E. Patterson ▲
Andy C. Perkins
Brett W. Pilling
Hank D. Reed
Kelsey M. Reed
Megan A. Reich ▲
Tess Renirie
Francesca L. Retana
Amelia C. Rice
Emma R. Richardson
Katy B. Rosen
Rachel E. Roth
Anna S. Rothstein
Emily B. Santor
Megan J. Schowalter
Wynn B. Scott
Zoe D. Scott
Chris J. Severt
Courtney D. Seyl
Greg D. Shipman ▲
Hailey R. Shoemaker
Ada K. Smith
Tammy Smith ▲ ○
Sophie N. Soares
Talia K. Sopp
Alana L. Speich
Danielle P. Spring
Michael S. Stahl
Megan S. Stuart
Rachel L. Tanoue
Matt To
Alex S. Tomes
Lauren K. Ulbricht
Yuki Umeda
Nora K. Waeschle
Alysa M. Wagatsuma
Sabrina R. Walch
Teague W. Wallace
Katie R. Walton
Lilian W. Wang
Hunter D. Ware
Frances C. Welsh
Anna L. Werdel
Grayson B. Williams-Krebs
Jake P. Wuesthoff
Alana E. Yang
Ariel N. Ziegler
Ethan A. Ziemba
Hannah R. Zimmerman
Cooper D. Zurfluh

Number of Donors: 2

$1 - $9,999
Molly M. Agan
Amber M. Moore

Number of Donors: 1

$1 - $9,999

Loree Payne

Number of Donors: 1

$1 - $9,999
Tammy Smith ▲ ○