Dear Students,

On the eve of registration, we have received several questions about policies in place for the spring semester. We hope you can join us at the town hall this evening, but in the meantime, I want to make sure you are aware of the following:

Tuition. Full-time spring 2021 undergraduate tuition will be reduced to the amount charged in spring 2020 (a reduction of $1,025) with a comparable percentage reduction for graduate students. (This is the same reduction offered in fall 2020.)

Merit Awards. The full value of merit awards will be distributed despite the reduction in the cost of attendance.

Extra Credits. Students may take up to 5.0 total academic or activity credits in spring 2021 without incurring a course overload charge.

Attend Part-Time and Keep Your Financial Aid. Students enrolling in 2.0 units will receive 50% of their merit awards and a portion of their need-based Puget Sound grants.

Work-Study. Information about work-study is forthcoming, along with other details related to the spring semester. We will get this information to you as quickly as we can.


Isiaah Crawford, Ph.D. | President.