Dear Members of the Campus Community,

It has been a little over a week since the announcement was made concerning our revised plans for the fall semester. In that time, I have had the opportunity to meet with many of you, along with members of the Cabinet and other university leaders, to respond to your questions, hear your concerns, and marvel—as I often do--at your resilience, creativity, and can-do spirit as we work our way through the pandemic together.

Frequent and regular communication is needed now more than ever. To that end, other university leaders or I will send out a weekly update highlighting important things for you to know as the fall semester approaches. Look for an update every Friday, and in addition, please check your email regularly, visit, and continue to reach out with questions or concerns.

The Emergency Response Group, Emergency Policy Council; leadership of our student government and faculty and staff senates; and many others across campus are working diligently to ensure that this semester will be not only memorable but meaningful for all involved.

Aug. 7, 2020

Testing Protocol. Our Fall 2020 Protocol for COVID-19 Screening and Testing was posted earlier this week. Please review it so that you know what to expect if you will be on campus this fall.

Housing and Campus Use Survey. This survey was distributed to all students last week and was due on Monday evening.  Those who are approved to live on campus during the fall will be notified no later than today; we currently expect that to be close to 200 students who meet the criteria that have been established.

In-Person Instruction. Some hands-on, in-person instruction will be permitted in Fall 2020.  Earlier this week, faculty in the physical and natural sciences, arts, and graduate programs were told that--provided we can accommodate and support the facilities cleaning, sanitizing, and scheduling, and provided we can follow the state’s specific public health requirements--they could begin planning for upper-level or graduate program on-campus hands-on opportunities, such as labs and clinics.  Students will hear more directly from faculty in these disciplines about the plan for courses in particular departments.

Grading options for fall 2020. At the end of the 12th week of the semester—just before Thanksgiving break—students will choose to designate each course as credit or no credit or withdraw from the course. If a student takes no action, the course will be graded for credit. The Faculty Senate has approved these temporary changes to our academic policies as recommended by the Academic Standards Committee to provide flexibility in our now remote learning environment so that faculty may better support our students.

Academic Facilities. Collins Memorial Library and other academic buildings will be open on a limited basis for student use during the Fall semester to provide students a quiet place to study, go to class, or take exams. These spaces will be available to students living on-campus or off-campus, undergraduate and graduate students.

Ordering Books. Today's Logger Store posted updated information on its website about fall hours, ordering and shipping books, and other important information.

New Student Orientation. We have received many inquiries about orientation, which will be delivered remotely. For more information and a schedule of Orientation activities, please visit

A Free “Ninth Semester.” We know how much students look forward to the campus experience and want to help make up for the loss of the campus experience this fall. Students enrolled during Fall 2020, regardless of class year, may audit up to four classes on a space-available basis in the semester immediately following graduation (excluding summer term).

Students will be notified next week regarding adjustments to financial aid packages for Fall 2020. The payment deadline for the fall semester has been extended to Aug. 20.

Recordings are available of many of the webinars hosted over the past week:

Details about work-study arrangements; information about a new satellite respiratory clinic on campus; more information about the academic program, policies, and course schedules; an updated telework policy to support staff members working from home; and more.

Thank you again for everything you are doing to support our Logger community, advance your educations, and pursue your work. It is good to know that we can count on this community for compassion and support in these challenging and uncertain times.


Isiaah Crawford, Ph.D. | President