We, members of the staff and faculty of the University of Puget Sound School of Music, affirm that Black Lives Matter. The killing of George Floyd and other unconscionable attacks on Black people and communities continue to expose the insidiousness of institutionalized racial injustice in the United States.

We understand that music making is not a neutral act. We are conscious that our performances and curricular planning can contribute to systemic injustices that enable racism to continue. We aim to better understand the cultural values that have shaped the sounds we study, create, and perform. We aim to confront those values which have excluded or diminished people of color. We aim to become better listeners.

We believe that a School of Music must serve and support not only its students, but its local and extended communities. We recognize the reach, and therefore the responsibility, that our public-facing concerts, lectures, and streamed events afford us. We aim to amplify those voices which too often go unheard. 

We commit to including Black people, perspectives, and voices in our concerts and curriculum. In our 2020-21 season, every concert by a large ensemble will feature a work by a composer of African descent. Our Jacobsen Faculty Recital Series will address themes of social justice. These programming actions run parallel to the work that we will do in our classes to center people of color as music-makers in history and in the world today.

We are ready to listen and to act. Black Lives Matter.

In solidarity, 

Ryan Bede
Gwynne Kuhner Brown
Rodger Burnett
Jeffrey Caldwell
Kim Davenport
Ricardo De La Torre
Matthew DelCiampo
James W. Doyle
Tracy Doyle
Tauvia Eggebroten
Betty Ellsworth
Karla Flygare
Gayane Grigoryan
J. Edmund Hughes
Rob Hutchinson
Tina Huynh
Isabella Jie
Tracy Knoop
David Krosschell
Pat Krueger
Abe Landa
Shiang-Yin Lee
Kathryn Lehmann
Danielle Lemieux
Jeffery Lund
Alistair MacRae
Juyeon Marquardt
Gerard Morris
Kristen Murphy
Jennifer Nelson
Francine Peterson
Ameera Nimjee
Dawn Padula
Elizabeth Paterson
Joyce Ramee
Florie Rothenberg
Maria Sampen
Ryan Schultz
Judson Scott
Benjamin Smith
Wyatt Smith
Tanya Stambuk
Erik Steighner
Timothy Strong
Pam Taylor
Janet Utterback
Karissa Valine-Plaza
Fred Winkler
Anna Wittstruck
Patricia Wooster
Jennifer Yarbrough
Jinshil Yi
Steven Zopfi