The University of Puget Sound recognizes that a time of bereavement can be difficult for a student. Therefore, the university provides a Student Bereavement Policy for students facing the loss of a family member.

Students are normally eligible for, and faculty members are expected to grant, three consecutive weekdays of excused absences, without penalty, for the death of a family member, including parent, grandparent, sibling, or persons living in the same household. Should the student feel that additional days are necessary, the student must request additional bereavement leave from the Dean of Students or the Dean’s designee. In the event of the death of another family member or friend not explicitly included within this policy, a bereaved student may petition for grief absence through the Dean of Students office for approval.

To request bereavement leave, a student must notify the Dean of Students office by email, phone, or in person about the death of the family member. When bereavement leave is approved, the Dean of Students office will notify the student and the Office of Academic Advising. In turn, Academic Advising will notify the student’s instructors and advisor of the dates of the excused absences for bereavement leave. When the student returns from leave, the student must submit to the Dean of Students office an obituary notice, a funeral or memorial program, or other documentation regarding the death of a family member.

While this policy excuses a student from class attendance, the student remains responsible for missed academic work. Therefore, the student is to seek the advice of each instructor to consider the options and to establish a plan to compensate for coursework missed during bereavement leave. For more information, please contact the Dean of Students office.