The ASUPS Senate is the legislative body that establishes and reviews all policies, affairs, and activities of ASUPS. It is in charge of finalizing the use of your ASUPS funds. In addition, the ASUPS Senate confirms all appointments made by the Executive branch as well as recognizes student clubs as official ASUPS clubs. Finally, the Senate has the ultimate power to amend the ASUPS budget, Constitution, and Bylaws.


There are twelve senator positions: First-Year Senator, Sophomore Senator, Junior Senator, Senior Senator, Greek Senator, Residence Hall Senator, Off-Campus Senator, On-Campus House Senator, and four Senators at Large. Senators are elected during the first six weeks of each semester, depending on the position. Each term will last an entire year, with the exception of the First-Year Senator which will last half a year and the Senior Senator which will last a year and a half.

The Senate meets every Tuesday and Thursday at 7 p.m. in the Murray Boardroom. All are welcome and encouraged to attend!

Information on this page will be updated by the Senate Chair.

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Senate Chair

Jack Simermeyer

Senator at Large

Jack Simermeyer

Senator at Large

Jackson Dennis

First Year Senator



Sophomore Senator

Harris Watson

Junior Senator
Outgoing Senior Senator

Mateo Friedenbach Codon

Greek Chapter Housing Senator

Aya Berwind Hoffman

Residence Hall Senator

Lily Yatskowitz

Off Campus Housing Senator

Soren Kloepfer

Faculty Representative

Grace Livingston

Staff Senate Representative

Sabrina Shepherd

Dean of Students Representative

Stacy Kelly