There are several services that ASUPS provides which are available to all students. As a clubs leader, these services can help different functions of your club. Prior to filling out a checkout or rental form, please contact the ASUPS office to ensure the availability of services.

Van Rentals

ASUPS has two vans that are available for rent to transport students off campus. It’s recommended that you book the vans as soon as you know the dates as they often are booked. Van rentals for students cost $40 a day, $20 half day. Vans must be returned with a full tank of gas. 



ORCA Cards

All students are able to rent ORCA (One Regional Card for All) cards for free to use for public transportation. ORCA Cards are pre-loaded with money that allows you to board any Pierce Transit (Tacoma) or Metro (Seattle) buses, trains, ferries, and/ or light rail. The first time you use the card, you will have a 2-hour transfer window where you can ride any other Pierce Transit bus for free. Using an ORCA card to ride a Metro bus will split the difference in price. After 2 hours, the card will be charged again.



Card Reader and iPad

If you are ever charging for an event or fundraiser and would like a credit/debit card option, you can check out the ASUPS iPad and card reader for your event.




You can check out an 18 MegaPixel Canon EOS 60D camera from the ASUPS office for free. Fill out the Camera Checkout Form to request the camera. Questions? Email



Procurement Cards (P-Cards)

The ASUPS PresidentVice President, and Director of Business Services all have credit cards that you may use if you are ever purchasing items for your club that are too expensive for you to pay out of pocket. 


Photo Services

At any point in time, if you would like to have any of your club members, activities, or events photographed, you can use ASUPS Photo Services free of charge! This is a great way to publicize and advertise for your club. Contact for more information.