Office of the ASUPS President

The ASUPS President serves as the primary spokesperson for ASUPS and as the Chief Executive Officer of the organization. The ASUPS President sets the goals and overall objectives of the ASUPS and determines general executive policies for carrying out those goals and objectives; is accessible to the student body on official school days by means of regular office hours; presides over meetings of the general membership of the ASUPS; appoints and nominates all student members of the ASUPS, Staff, Faculty, and Board of Trustees committees; appoints the General Manager and Human Resources Officer of the ASUPS in order to effect the policies of the ASUPS Senate; serve as a non-voting member of the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees; serves as a voting member or the Faculty Senate; serves as a non-voting member of the Staff Senate; serves as a non-voting member of the ASUPS Senate; convenes the President’s Council on a weekly basis; convenes the Cabinet on a weekly basis; signs or vetoes all ASUPS legislation; and performs any other such duties as may be delegated by the Constitution, Bylaws, or the ASUPS Senate.