Can you believe that it has been 7 years since your time at Puget Sound? No doubt, the memories you cherish make it feel like yesterday!

What are some of your favorite memories of your time at Puget Sound?

"Improv shows and Cellar pizza." -Marissa Lown-Klein '15

"My favorite memories include spending time with my sorority sisters, getting to know acquaintances by sitting with new people in the SUB or at the library, studying during the early morning in Oppenheimer, or throughout the day in Diversions. Walking around campus on a sunny afternoon." -Elsa Woolley '15

"Hanging out with great friends, going to Model UN conferences, and attending fantastic classes with wonderful professors." -Eric Mendelson '15

"Living with my best friends." -Katie Pyne '15

"My favorite memories are of backpacking trips, quiet moments studying in the library, rare days of sun when everyone would go outside on the green spaces, meeting new people." -Taylor Applegate '15

"Working at Diversions Cafe; working as an RCC/GHC; taking classes in my department." -Zach Okamura '15

"I enjoyed spending time with my classmates and the beautiful campus." -Jessica Enyeart '15, MSOT '17

"Impossible to narrow down. But the way I felt walking through those trees and the smell of all the plants still makes my heart ache. Also all my adventures to Point D, Seattle, and Mt. Rainier with friends." -Dana Bailey '15 

"I believe my time with the outdoors and orientation programs were some of the most valuable educational experiences I've ever had! The degree was pretty good, too." -Leigh Orlando-Ward '15

"Hanging out in Diversions, late night rehearsals that end up in The Cellar." -Maddie Faigel '15

"Pi Phi, Greek week, football games, RDG (watching not dancing)." -Danielle Shultz '15

"Spending time with friends for life." -Isaiah Dowdell '15

"Simple stuff: hanging out on North Quad on long summer days; pulling all-nighters for Calc 3 on Thompson 4th floor (alternating with friends napping on the couch); rounding up fraternity brothers and all getting dinner together at the SUB." -Eric Lee '15

"Taking random walks with friends around campus." -Auna Lundberg '15

"College baseball and biology studies." -Nick Cochran '15

"Orientation backpacking and kayak trips!" -Caden Robinson '15

"My favorite memories are early morning practices with my rowing teammates and late nigh studying with my sorority sisters." -Melissa Marlin '15

Who were your favorite Puget Sound faculty and/or staff? What made them your favorite?

"Greta Austin and Erica Martin." -Marissa Lown-Klein '15

"Linda Williams and Kriszta Kotsis were my favorite faculty because of their interests in art history, and their interest is helping me cultivate my love of art and art history. I also really appreciated Lynnette Claire and Lisa Johnson's teaching styles." -Elsa Woolley '15

"Debbie Chee - amazingly responsive, helpful, and willing to do anything to help a student. Kelly Erickson - great professor and great person who was always willing to spend time answering a student's questions. Eric Orlin - a great professor who made class interesting and worked to make sure his students were engaged with the material." -Eric Mendelson '15

"Joel Elliott, my advisor and research project mentor! Betsy Kirkpatrick, I loved her Field Botany class my senior year." -Katie Pyne '15

"Professor John Wesley was my favorite professor because he took my ideas seriously and challenged me to develop them." -Taylor Applegate '15

"Jeffrey Matthews, Duane Hulbert, Nila Wiese, Lisa Nunn." -Sang-Won Kim '15 

"Karl Fields; Patrick O'Neil - great professors who were able to make time for students and provide opportunities to learn. Debbie Chee - wonderful person to know and work with; incredibly personable." -Zach Okamura '15

"I was in the Exercise Science program and all of my professors were amazing. They cared about each of us and our individual success in life and it showed." -Jessica Enyeart '15, MSOT '17

"Willow Bernsten - she was my manager at the Library for 4 years and made me feel immediately at home during my first months at UPS." -Ana Somarriba '15

"Kristen Johnson immediately stands out, she was likely the most intelligent person I've ever met, she was so kind, and so good at pushing me to learn. Paul Loeb was also an incredibly influential professor, though I believe he has since left the university. Debbie (a manager at the dining hall) was so supportive and very important to me at the end of my time at UPS, the rest of the full time dining staff were all fantastic people for their compassion. Plenty of other people I'm sure I'm forgetting!" -Leigh Orlando-Ward '15

"Geoff Proehl - smart, kind, and funny. He taught me that good teachers are open and vulnerable. Sara Freeman - she has so much joy for her subject and she is one of the smartest people I have ever met." -Maddie Faigel '15

"Bianca Wolf." -Danielle Shultz '15

"Sarah Haven psychology - fun class times and very engaging. Great personality." -Isaiah Dowdell '15

"Professor Mike Spivey who never got mad at me for sleeping in his class. Professor Ramakrishnan for always reaching out when he thought I was struggling in my classes." -Eric Lee '15

"Alison Paradise." -Erin Stumbaugh '15

"Professor Beverly Conner, Professor, Hans Ostrom, Professor Lisa Johnson, Professor Denise Deprese, Professor Wesley. All of them encouraged creativity and to think outside of the box to find answers to questions. They expanded my knowledge across both of my majors and encouraged me to want to continue my education because they were passionate about their own studies." -Auna Lundberg '15

"Peter Hodum." -Nick Cochran '15

"David Andresen - he is a highly efficient and creative teacher. He is able to get through a lot of content and help students truly learn the material by incorporating stories, examples, and humor in his lectures. He also takes on research students and does some fairly advanced research with them, resulting in students having the opportunity to present at conferences." -Kimberly Lowell '15

"Jo Crane and the wizard. Great personal teachers." -Caden Robinson '15

"My favorite faculty in the Economics department were Prof. Doug Goodman and Prof. Bruce Mann. They were both very engaging and got me excited about economics. In the Mathematics department, my favorite professor was Prof. Carl Toews. His Optimization class was extremely well run. I have never seen such a good use of group work." -Melissa Marlin '15

What additional thoughts do you have regarding the University of Puget Sound?

"Thank you for being supportive in all areas throughout my time there. I miss it every day and I am so proud to be a logger. You can be sure that the people around me here in Germany know that as well ;)." -Dana Bailey '15

"Go Logs!" -Erin Stumbaugh '15

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