Can you believe that it has been 12 years since your time at Puget Sound? No doubt, the memories you cherish make it feel like yesterday!

What are some of your favorite memories of your time at Puget Sound?

"Midnight breakfast, RDG." -Erica Verdusco '10

"Late nights doing homework with my friends in the lounge behind the info desk. Working in the bookstore. Late night runs to the Met for cake." -Alyson Sundal '10

"Working at Oppenheimer Cafe, my senior religion seminars with Stuart Smithers and Suzanne Holland, RDG, being a tour guide (ok basically everything at Puget Sound)." -Jessica Reichard '10

"Sports (women's rowing), Greek Life, and Passages leader group." -Laura Coe '10

"Friendships made, late nights in the Cellar, swimming." -Daniel Anderson '10

"PSO trips, especially a fall break trip to Yellowstone. Also meeting my now husband through Greek life." -Liana Delacorte '10

"Too many to list! I had an amazing time studying abroad in Dijon during my junior year - the entire experience, from applying to prepping to attending and then returning and sharing with other students, was incredible. I attended many lectures and concerts outside of classes, and that's one of the things I miss a lot about college. Just the feeling of being on the beautiful campus with such a supportive community!" -Kyrstie Lane '10

"High quality music program at a small school, loved all the trees on campus, cafes." -Christine Ballenger '10

"One on one teacher experiences with my professors. Equivalent with taking odd religion courses." -Stasia Engebretson '10

"Rowing on American Lake when the water was still and then it started snowing; attending powwows with NASA and our mentees from Chief Leschi School." -Jake Hearen '10

"Alpha Phi, Crossover, Football games, basketball games, midnight breakfast, the Sub, studying at collin's memorial!" -Jessica Scarsella Middleton '10

"Log Jam, planning new student Orientation, RDG, working at the Cellar." -Nick Dietrich '10

"Intermural softball games on Todd Field, history classes with Nancy Bristow, and welcoming new Brothers in the Bond." -Foster Hill '10

"I really enjoyed my classes, Adelphian Concert Choir and hanging out with my friends. I'm still close with a handful of them today and it makes me happy to have them in my life." -Madeleine Blumgart '10 

"Being on campus and attending classes. I regularly miss wandering around the grounds and attending lectures." -Alex Van Putten '10

"Late night study sessions in the library and Harned. Morning bagels at Oppenheimer cafe. And of course endless memories at 917 Alder with all of my lovely roommates." -Franny Gilman '10

"Sitting on Todd Field in the spring, basketball games, staying up late in the dorm with my friends, watching Grey's Anatomy in the common room, studying abroad in Prague, lots more..." -Alexis Greenwood '10

"KUPS radio show, improv shows in The Cellar." -Maria Brownmiller '10

"Athletics, Phi Delta Theta Fraternity, Business Leadership Program and interaction with Professors." -Michael Pannier '10

"The times I look back on the most fondly are the moments myself and my peers and friends were working together towards a common goal - publishing the yearbook, preparing for recruitment, and even just all studying together. It was a joy to be able to go into the SUB or OC and know that I would find a friendly face." -Maren Stockhoff '10 

"So many! Mostly hanging with friends outside!" -Hally Roberts '10

"Great professors, beautiful campus, friendships made." -Bonnie Degner '10, MED '12

"Spending time with my friends." -Conner Gehring '10 

Who were your favorite Puget Sound faculty and/or staff? What made them your favorite?

 "Kenneth Rousslang, Paul Loeb, Florence Sandler, Tim Hoyt, Leslie Saucedo, Eric Sharrer." -Erica Verdusco '10

"Leslie Saucedo, her classes fully affirmed my passion for biology. I remember Leslie as being enthusiastic, quirky, engaging, and an amazing professor!" -Liz Dawson '10

"Geoff Proehl, Kurt Walls, Robin McCartney, Mishka Navarre, Marilyn Bennett, Laurie Frankel." -Alyson Sundal '10

"Jonathan Stockdale, Mike Veseth, Greta Austin." -Jessica Reichard '10

"Jeff Matthews, Nila Weise, Lisa Johnson (BLP Professors)." -Laura Coe '10

"Mark Harpring, Chris Myhre, Bill Haltom, and many others." -Daniel Anderson '10

"Arlene in the SUB always remembered my name and could always make me smile. Joel Elliott (biology) for putting up with my senior thesis." -Liana Delacorte '10

"French faculty Michel Rocchi, Diane Kelly, and Steve Rodgers were (are) like family and had a huge impact on my growth personally, academically, and professionally. I don't know what I would have done without Michel - in my sophomore year he drew me a map of the rest of my college career, and I followed it almost exactly! Michel and Seth Weinberger were my faculty advisors and were both so important to me - Seth also pushed me a lot with my graduate school plans and helped me to strive for my best in that area. Professors David Lupher and Mita Mahato both made me an excellent writer, and Prof. Curley also made a big impact on me." -Kyrstie Lane '10

"Geoffrey Block-- admired his knowledge, and silly jokes. Rob Taylor and Gerard Morris-- incredible conductors and educators." -Christine Ballenger '10

 "Alan Thorndike and Paul Weber. Both took an interest in my doing well at Puget Sound. I appreciated their mentorship and guidance. Alan was my advisor and I cherished my time with him." -Stasia Engebretson '10

"Zaixing Hong, upbeat and willing to consider any topic for study even taboo/risque; Margi Nowak, encouraged indigenous students to not bury our trueselves." -Jake Hearen '10

"The entire Geology Department." -Devin Black '10

"Brad Reich and Lisa Johnson." -Jessica Scarsella Middleton '10

"Marta Palmquist-Cady - she is an incredible student affairs professional. She helped me become a leader, challenged me to think critically about myself and others, and helped me make the most of my Puget Sound education and experience. She was so selfless and giving of her time and talent. She also is a great human and genuinely cares about her work and helping students succeed. She has made a lasting impact on me and is one of the reasons I am also a student affairs educator today." -Nick Dietrich '10

"The biology department was universally amazing with the most notable being Peter Wimberger and Peter Hodum for their excitement and passion for their subjects as well as engagement with students as learners and people. Justin canny as well deserves all the accolades!" -Ali Garel '10

"Dr. Padula made me enjoy voice lessons more than any teacher I've ever had. She had great techniques for practicing and working on the voice that helped me gain confidence and make progress. I still use things I learned from her in my singing today." -Madeleine Blumgart '10

"Greta Austin, Katherine Smith, Nancy Bristow. I love their academic specialties, they were all extremely accessible and warm when I had questions or concerns. I feel like I could meet up with them for coffee and be really happy to see them." -Alex Van Putten '10

"Mark Martin was one of my favorite faculty members. He was/is a great mentor and clearly cares about his students - and he always made class and lab fun." -Franny Gilman '10

"Nancy Bristow, Doug Sackman, Mike Johnson." -Joan Ilacqua '10

"Lynnette Claire, because she was so kind and passionate about her work." -Alexis Greenwood '10

"Alison Tracy Hale, Bill Barry, George Irving." -Maria Brownmiller '10

"Jeffrey Matthews- he had an ability to interact in a way that made his students feel like they were on equal ground with him. He was accessible whenever we needed him and was a great mentor. Robin Hamilton - plethora of experience in and around the athletic department. Offered great leadership and friendship when I most needed it. Richard Ulrich - the best coach I have had the pleasure to work with in any sport. Great leader of men and a person who's life path any young adult should want to follow." -Michael Pannier '10

"Nancy Bristow and Priti Joshi. Professor Joshi teaches within my major and she was a demanding instructor which was one of the best things about her. Even though I sometimes struggled to meet her standards, I found myself continuing to take her classes because she pushed me to do better. When I first joined KAT, I asked a senior for her best piece of advice. She said take a class with Nancy Bristow. Even if you're not a history major, no matter what the subject of the class is, just take it. So I did, and ended up taking multiple classes with her including an exceptionally memorable one on the Vietnam War. Professor Bristow was an incredible scholar in her own right, unafraid of taking us through uncomfortable topics, and equally good at creating an invigorating classroom environment. I consider myself lucky to have taken as many classes from her as I did." -Maren Stockhoff '10

"George Erving. Best english professor I've ever had. Chris Meyer. Swim coach. He is my hero & I absolutely LOVE him!" -Hally Roberts '10

"The entire economic department - they were personable, always willing to help, and invested in our success." -Conner Gehring '10

What additional thoughts do you have regarding the University of Puget Sound?

 "Very proud of going there." -Alyson Sundal '10

"My husband and I loved our time at University of Puget Sound. The friendships that we made at Puget Sound have been such an extraordinary part of our lives- we cherish the personal and professional network of wonderful individuals that we created during our time there. The friends we found in college continue to be our best friends today." -Jessica Scarsella Middleton '10

"Thank you for a wonderful college experience. I never could have imagined the ways in which I was challenged to think more critically and grow as a human and leader during my 4 years. I appreciate the faculty in the Psychology department and all the countless staff and administrators who helped me along the way. As a student affairs educator now, I constantly reflect on my Puget Sound experience to help guide the way I work with students now." -Nick Dietrich '10 

If you would like more information about the Class of 2010 10th Reunion, or would like to join the Reunion Planning Committee, contact Class President Rebecca Bryant '10.