Can you believe that it has been 16 years since your time at Puget Sound? No doubt, the memories you cherish make it feel like yesterday!

What are some of your favorite memories of your time at Puget Sound?

"Muddy frisbee and events on the Schiff lawn, Student Directed One Act festival." - Meredith Ott '06

"The location and the bonds formed." - Jonathon Brown '06

"There are so many!  Everything about orientation was always a blast, and I loved that because of my roles on ASUPS and with Res Life, I was always back on campus early.  Nowhere else I would rather be." - Megan Buscho '06

"Hours upon hours monopolizing the couch in Diversions Cafe, working the circ desk at the Library, rehearsing and performing in One-Acts and Theatre Festivals." - Brooke Van Oosbree '06

"Lighthouse." - Janel Kochran '06

"I have dozens and dozens, but one of the things I miss most was the rhythm of campus life. 
I was up early each morning for crew practice and loved returning to campus as it was just waking up. I'd usually pop into to the SUB to grab food and take it with me to my first class. It was a peaceful time of day.When classes were done for the day, I was always up for finding new places to hang out and study with friends. Some of our favorites included: late nights in the cozy booths at the SUB, which were great for napping when you needed a short break; Diversions, if you wanted a steady background hum to help you focus; a blanket on any of the lawns in order to capitalize on a sunny day and still keep up with coursework; or common rooms and lounges in the various residence halls - bonus points if you were within earshot of a piano when someone talented happened to plop down and offer an impromptu study soundtrack. I remember feeling like campus oozed with talent and creativity, and everyone there was keen to share it." - McKenzie (Mortensen) Ross '06

"I played volleyball all 4 years at UPS. I was a starter as a freshman. Sports were my life back then and I loved every minute!!" - Nikki Esposito '06

"Putting together shows with my friends at the Rendezvous, and hanging out with friends at the Cellar / SUB." - Sarah Fellez '06

"Meeting new friends freshmen year on the Humanities floor in Harrington Hall.  They will be lifelong friends!" - Emily Kolby '06

"Life long friendships and amazing teachers that care and still connect with today." - Stephanie Pederson '06

"Schlepping to KUPS in my pajamas, with a bag of records in hand, to make it in time for my 6am radio show, as a freshman. Holding a bake sale with other KUPS staff to raise money for a These Arms Are Snakes show. Putting on a show with the Dead Science and raising money for the local food bank. Cherry blossoms. Caprese sandwiches at the Met. Boston cream pie at the Sub. Befriending the nighttime cleaning staff at the Sub-one of those guys was into Scritti Politti and INXS. Plowing through movies from the UPS library when I got sick. Working under Peggy Furman at the library. Wearing flip flops in the rain. Seeing slugs for the first time. Buying clothes at Value Village that I couldn't get away with today. Skipping off to Seattle and walking through Pike Market before seeing shows at the Showbox. Successfully memorizing all the bones in the human body for a single question on a biology test. Studying Bridget Jones Diary and discussing Oprah in Julie Christoph's writing and gender class. Living in a neighborhood where rent never exceeded $300. Getting into photography. Shopping at Buzzard Discs, Rocket Records, and Hi-Voltage. Cutting my friend's hair." - China Bialos '06

"Swim team!  All the practices, training trips, and time spent with an incredible group and Coach Meyer. Campus life - hanging outside the SUB or on the main lawn in the sun. Exploring Tacoma, Seattle, Portland." - Cristine Scott '06

"Dr Doug Cannon was one of my favorite professors- he made logic engaging and gave me so many new ways to look at and think about the world. My first semester I had a class with him called "Infinity and Paradox" that changed my life. Dr Rob Beezer was also one of my favorites. He made me think about the specificity of language, and practice it - which was not always easy, but which gave me a great respect for precision of language. Taking Linear Algebra with him gave me a whole new perspective on mathematics." - Sarah Fellez '06

Who were your favorite Puget Sound faculty and/or staff? What made them your favorite?

"Nancy Bristow, Mike Veseth." - Melissa Lewis '06

"Coach Chris Meyer, Elise Richman (painting), Mike Johnson (sculpture), Janet Marcavage (printmaking), Douglas Cannon (philosophy), Lisa Wood (psychology and my advisor for fresh & soph years)." - Cristine Scott '06

"Dr. Jeff Matthews, Dr. Nila Weiss." - Stephanie Pederson '06

"Alison Tracy Hale in English-- she is still a mentor and provides guidance and encouragement.  I worked with her on a research project and took multiple classes from her. Carmel Thompson in the Library-- I worked as a work study student for four yeas with her.  She gave me an increased level of responsibility and made me feel like a member of the team." - Emily Kolby '06

"Wayne Rickoll for his honesty and his true devotion to students." - Jonathan Brown '06

"Geoff Proehl was an amazing theatre professor and advisor. He reads Gandalf although he is a self-proclaimed Hobbit. Hans Ostrom is a wonderful professor and lover of poetry as well as an incredible supporter and friend." - Meredith Ott '06

"Alison Tracy Hale, Julie Christoph, Nick Kontogeorgopoulos, David Macey, Gwynne Brown." - China Bialos '06

"Bruce Man, Doug Goodman." - Anne Larrabee '06

"David Sousa, Patrick O'Neil, and Serni!  I learned so much from all three of them-how to think critically, how to advocate for my beliefs, how to plan a great event, how to do quality research-the list goes on and on." - Megan Buscho '06

"The entirety of the English Department during my time at Puget Sound (2002 to 2006) could not have been more wonderful. If I had a class with Michael Curley or Peter Greenfield, I knew that I was going to be put through my paces intellectually and critically, but that I could also expect to laugh hard enough to make my sides hurt at least once a week. I owe special thanks to Beverly Conner, who helped me tremendously as my advisor.I would be remiss, of course, if I failed to mention President Thomas. I don't know anyone from my time at UPS who doesn't worship Ron Thom! " - McKenzie (Mortensen) Ross '06

"Rene Johnson was one of my favorites. She was like a mother figure, but also a tough English teacher who made me think and worked me hard. She is still a friend today!" - Nikki Esposito '06

"Robin Hamilton." Jennifer Fahey '06

"The guy who taught Sociology through Literature. He held the class at his home and was so caring and thoughtful. I learned a lot in that class." - Janel Coughran '06

"Nancy Bristow (history)- brought heart and soul to her teaching. Kevin David (psychology) - made statistics and research design fun and interesting. Debbie Chee - enriched the student community. Ron Thomas - felt like a celebrity (but still cared!)" - Brooke Van Oosbree '06

What additional thoughts do you have regarding the University of Puget Sound?

"Would love to visit! College gave me some of the best times of my life!" - Nikki Esposito '06

"Love UPS and remember the experiences, friends, faculty every single day.  I work for a private residential high school (Idyllwild Arts Academy) and try my best to encourage my students to consider applying to UPS.  Thank you for all you do!" - Cristine Scott '06

"Go Loggers!" - Sarah Fellez '06

"Puget Sound is a singularly special place that shaped me in ways that continue to pay dividends in my professional and personal life. I am so fortunate not only to have had four memorable years there, but also to now have the opportunity to visit campus often and give back to current students through programs like Alumni Sharing Knowledge." - McKenzie (Mortensen) Ross '06