Can you believe that it has been 22 years since your time at Puget Sound? No doubt, the memories you cherish make it feel like yesterday!

What are some of your favorite memories of your time at Puget Sound?

"Late nights in studying in the Sub and also wasting too much time talking with friends. Deeply engaging debates in Asian Studies courses around merits of communism. Tennis practices and matches, working out with fraternity brothers and general friends across campus. Ran for ASUPS President one year and really enjoyed that experience speaking and presenting a platform to the student body." -Nathan Bishop '00

"Time with friends and classmates. Study abroad to Israel." -Sydney England '00

"Hanging out in Harrington Hall, being a Passages Leader, doing homework in Diversions, passages leader retreats." -Britten Nelson '00

" The whole experience. Learning in classroom learning outside classroom. Life experience." -Kyle Maloy '00

"Greek life." -Christopher Huether '00

"Running track, leading Earth Activists, study abroad in Granada, Spain, working at the Pizza Cellar, and being a writing advisor in the Writing Center." -Jessica Singh '00

"Late nights in library, fantastic study groups, parties with students and professors." -Karin Hastings '00

"Friends, freshman year, Greek life." -Bree Russell '00

"Friends, gaining confidence, positive professor interactions." -Christy Shaver '00

"Pac Rim, InterVarsity events and friendships, study time in the library, informal sports activities like basketball and football, Asian Studies classes." -Randall Spadoni '00

"My time in Greek Life, my teammates in both sports." -Jeff Halstead '00, MAT '03

Who were your favorite Puget Sound faculty and/or staff? What made them your favorite?

"Really liked Bill Barsma and his passion for Tacoma and how to mobilize large groups of people. Professor Barnett Asian Studies, Professor Ludden's Japanese course (traveled to Japan, continue to study Japanese today, married into Japanese family and the culture has consumed a great way)." -Nathan Bishop '00

"My advisors, Dr. Block and Ili Nagy. Nancy Bristow was my favorite professor, though!" -Britten Nelson '00

"Nancy Bristow, amazing history professor, really made history come alive." -Bree Russell '00

"Suzanne Holland, Julie Neff-Lippman." -Jessica Singh '00

"Mary Lamb, John Hanson, Peter Wimberger, Alexa Tullis." -Karin Hastings '00

"Professor Bristow-was so passionate, and also seemed to truly care about us outside of her class as well." -Jeff Halstead '00, MAT '03

"Beverly Conner and Wade Williams, my advisors, freshman year and other years advisors respectively: they were positive and encouraged my love of literature, writing, and rhetoric." -Ariel Johnson '00

"All psych profs - Ernie, Robin, Kukreja, etc. - engaging, connected with you on a personal level." -Christy Shaver '00

"Karl Fields - a fantastic teacher and human being. I learned from him how to excel professionally and yet balance that with family. He has become a kind of mentor and one of my remaining regular connections with UPS over the last 20 years. Lo Sun Perry - such an engaged and kind instructor, who cared about the entire experience of learning and engaging Chinese rather than just textbook time in class. Elisabeth Benard and her husband Nima - lovely people who took us on an extraordinary journey. Matt Picard - Competent professor and extremely cool human being." -Randall Spadoni '00

"Serni Solidarios. Changed my life, now I work in a field that I didn't even know existed." -Michael Chandler '00

 "Dr. Joe Dieter, Dr. Flo Ariessohn, Dr. Sunil Kukreja, Houston Dougharty, Marta Palmquist-Cady, Dani Weintraub, Melanie Reed." -Cecilia Olivares '00

What additional thoughts do you have regarding the University of Puget Sound?

"I am extremely proud to tell others about my journey at the University of Puget Sound. Keep up the great work!" -Nathan Bishop '00

"I work as a college counselor now, so I help students figure out where they would like to go to college. While many of my students want to be further away from home (Tacoma is just too close!) I am always thrilled if my students visit or enroll at Puget Sound. I have visited hundreds of colleges over the years, and I always compare the schools to my own college experience. Puget Sound will always be the prettiest campus to me." -Britten Nelson '00

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