Can you believe that it has been 27 years since your time at Puget Sound? No doubt, the memories you cherish make it feel like yesterday!

What are some of your favorite memories of your time at Puget Sound?

"Classes with Wild Bill Haltom and David Sousa; beautiful green campus; friendships made at UPS that last to this day." -Jonathan Wolfer '95

"Adelphians and activities and friendships from Intervarsity Christian Fellowship. " -Rebecca Bourgeois '95

"I loved everything about the swim team, even the early morning workouts and giving up part of Christmas break to train. The lip-sync contest was epic especially the year the swimmers did Dancing Queen." -Allison Shukraft '95

 "Springtime at the waterfront and fraternity/sorority events." -Jennifer Law '95

"Homecoming, Spring Weekend, Sorority Activities." -Shelley Herzog '95

"Campus Music Network and creating music with my group the Undecided." -Michael Tierney '95

"Activities with my sorority sisters." -Erica Vaughn '95

"Swimming, hanging out at the SUB and in the dorms, getting meals in the tunnels." -Molly Abraham Haynes '95

"Trips to Point Defiance Park, studying on the lawn in front of Seward Hall, hanging out in The Cellar, seeing Stone Temple Pilots at The Fieldhouse." -Cynthia Hunsperger '95

"Classes with John Lear and Don Share. Our trip to Chiapas, Mexico, and Guatemala." -Kyle Dye '95, MAT '96

"Wonderful academic experiences across a variety of subjects." -Temre Stanchfield '95

"Freshman year. Friends forever." -Kenneth Kloeppel '95

"I loved the ivy in the Fall and the cherry blossoms in the Spring. Also, the late-night chats and laughter with friends." -Alethea Daniels '95, MAT '96

Who were your favorite Puget Sound faculty and/or staff? What made them your favorite?

"Bill Haltom - great lectures and conversations in class. David Sousa - one of the most engaging and funny lecturers I've had." -Jonathan Wolfer '95

"Dr. Paul Schultz was both the director of Adelphians and my boss for my work-study position as Choral Librarian. Dr. Schultz was an amazing director and a positive, encouraging professor and boss." -Rebecca Bourgeois '95

"Gary Peterson is a wonderful communication professor. Instructed us on Business communication. I still have the main text in my bookcase at home." -Michael Tierney '95

"Nancy Bristow - made history exciting and interesting. David Sousa. Kent Hooper." -Molly Abrahams Haynes '95

"Melissa Weinman was an intelligent and inspiring instructor in the art department. David Souza was unforgettable- and truly engaged me in a subject I had little interest in." -Temre Stanchfield '95

"Mary Turnbull. Tim Hansen." -Alethea Daniels '95, MAT '96

What additional thoughts do you have regarding the University of Puget Sound?

"My educational experience there was incredibly formative - I so appreciate the quality faculty and high standards in almost all of my classes." -Temre Stanchfield '95

"I enjoyed most of my professors but remember very few names. I have so many friends who are Alumni that there were too many to list. I had such an amazing time at UPS that I found it very hard to focus on any one period or experience. UPS is one of the best parts of my life!" -Kenneth Kloeppel '95

"I LOVED my time at UPS." -Einar Jensen '95

If you would like more information about the Class of 1995 25th Reunion or would like to join the Reunion Planning Committee, contact Class President Vera Divenyi '95.