Can you believe that it has been 32 years since your time at Puget Sound? No doubt, the memories you cherish make it feel like yesterday!

What are some of your favorite memories of your time at Puget Sound?

 "Planning Homecoming and other events; Water Fights on warm spring days and late-night discussions about everything and everything at Smith Hall, E9; and the fantastic small classes and passionate professors in the Honors program." -Dani Stang '90

"Too many to list. Music-related, friends related, so many." -Jeff Johnson '90

"My generous classmates and wonderful professors." -Laura Hansen MPT '90

"Getting thrown into Thompson Fountain on my birthday. Attending the last two epic Greek Crossover parties when Union Ave closed. Receiving my diploma from President Phibbs." -Dan Morseburg '90

"Enjoyed activities with friends and organizations I was involved with." -Rebecca Wilder '90

"Most of it was connected to Greek life... the lifelong friendships, leadership opportunities, etc." -Julie Gates '90

"Small classes. Friendly professors always willing to talk." -Roy Hurd '90

"There are a lot to choose from as I really enjoyed my time at UPS. I enjoyed my freshman year in Todd Hall, hanging out in the SUB, my classes, my teachers and my friends." -Virginia Carter '90

Who were your favorite Puget Sound faculty and/or staff? What made them your favorite?

 "Bill Baarsma, Kate Stirling for each of their passion for their students." -Dani Stang '90

"Dr. Paul Schultz: an amazing person that helped me understand more than just academics. Rabbi Rosenthal: a long-time family friend whom I had known for years was my Religion professor. Loved that class. Dr. Block: Just an amazing person that kept things interesting." -Jeff Johnson '90

"Kathy Hummelberry, Phd, PT, Lynn Chandler, Phd, PT." -Laura Hansen MPT '90

"Alan Thorndike and Andy Rex. They were patient teachers who taught me how to solve complex problems, and I carried all of those lessons into my work life." -Dan Morseburg '90

"Mike Veseth- He made economics fun. He has a great sense of humor and was always willing to help." -Rebecca Wilder '90

"Michel Rocci taught "Islamic Tradition" in 1989 which was a fascinating class that taught me about armchair geography and how other cultures can be painted to be villains. One of my favorite days was when Professor Rocci had our Arab international students sit in the front of the room and we could ask them any questions we had about their culture. There were a lot of laughs, and it drew all of us closer together as humans having a shared experience. Understanding prevailed and walls started coming down within our own classroom. Everything about that class was enlightening, and it helped form my views and attitudes about embracing differences and multicultural communities. Flash forward 15 years later, my favorite international trip was going to Egypt and spending quality time with the wonderful people in the region." -Julie Gates '90

"Dr. Douglas Cannon. Very intelligent." -Roy Hurd '90

"Dr. Barry Anton - I loved his style of teaching. Beverly Connor - was very warm and approachable. Anne Wood - made chemistry understandable. There was also some teachers I loved, but I'm not recalling their taught religion, one taught genetics, and there were a couple more in the psychology dept that I liked." -Virginia Carter '90 

What additional thoughts do you have regarding the University of Puget Sound?

 "The University Of Puget Sound is a great school and I feel blessed to have been able to attend there." -Sandra Ricketson '90

"I have attended four different universities and have three degrees and two credentials. The University of Puget Sound is miles above all of them." - Roy Hurd '90

"It is a great school. I'm glad I chose it." -Virginia Carter '90

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