Can you believe that it has been 42 years since your time at Puget Sound? No doubt, the memories you cherish make it feel like yesterday!

What are some of your favorite memories of your time at Puget Sound?

"Professors in the math and computer science departments, learning how to tutor at Learning Skills Center, exploring my religious faith with chaplain Jim Davis, living situations - Harrington Hall, one of the A-frames, and off-campus, working in the computer lab, doing my student teaching at Mt. Tahoma High School, hanging out with good friends!" -Donna Stock '80

"Interaction with professors. The beautiful campus." -Jim Wiley '80

"Walking along the sidewalks by Thompson Hall in the evening before heading home to Edmonds in the winter with the snow falling in the cedar trees and the ivy on the brick walls and the leaded glass windows with an orange glow from inside knowing that I had picked the correct school to get a PT degree as I had been accepted at UW as well, just felt cozy and "at home"." -John Celestino '80

"The foootball games, the sense of family with students and faculty." -Cindy Smith '80

"I appreciated that the faculty loved to teach, and that they were accessible to me. I appreciated that there were core requirements that exposed me to subject matter I would not otherwise have thought I was interested in. And I was pleasantly surprised!" -Beth Chew '80, JD '85

"The rich relationships I nurtured with both students and staff. To list them would fill a book!" -Catherine Nilsen-Thomas '80

"Graduation, the professors, and classmates." -Stanley Magee MBA '80

"The waterfront, the forests, and the old aquarium with octopus." -Hepburn Ingham '80

"My friends." -Leslie McGinn '80

Who were your favorite Puget Sound faculty and/or staff? What made them your favorite?

 "Ernie Oaks, maintenance supervisor." -Charles Kile '80

"Dr. Kathleen O'Connor Blumhagen." -Eugene Lemon '80

"Bruce Lind and Ron VanEnkevort (math), Bob Matthews (computer science), Dorothy Lee (Learning Skills Center), Jim Davis (chaplain), John and Karen Finney (registrar and Spurs). These people cared a great deal and they took time to help me learn. They were teaching because they enjoyed it, not just cuz it was their job. I rarely had a professor that I didn't appreciate for what they taught me. " -Donna Stock '80

"Dr. Brewster Coulter." -Thomas Stenger '80

"Ken Rousslang, Tom Rowland, Ann Wood, Wes Nigh. They always had an open door. I always learned something when I went to talk to them. They genuinely seemed to care about their students and wanted us to be successful." -Jim Wiley '80

"Shelby Clayson PT (director of PT program at the time) Always approachable and always had time for you!" -John Celestino '80

"My math professor Ron VanEnkevort was my favorite because he really made classes very enjoyable." -Cindy Smith '80

"I thought they were all great! People like Bev Solie (biology), and the people in Theater, almost convinced me to change my major. I loved Anderson (geology), Mann (economics), even Poly (accounting)! And of course the people in my major: Ball, Colby, Stevens, Fields, they guy who taught drawing (terrible to not recall his name). The guy who taught advertising - a huge figure in the local community for advertising. I learned a lot about a lot of different subjects, which has been a huge benefit to my career as a lawyer." -Beth Chew '80, JD '85

"Brian Swimm (mathematics), Ronald VanEnkevort (mathematics), Bert Brown (physics), Martin Nelson (physics). They never minded getting questions and answering them without making you feel like they were dumb questions." -Linda Berg '80

"Dr. Bruce Rogers, Dr. Lawrence Ebert, Dr. Thomas Goleeke, Mark Taslit (piano prof), "Hawkeye" in the cafeteria and Anabelle, an evening custodian in the music department. While there were many of the faculty and staff at UPS that were outstanding, the ones I have listed were people I would go out of my way to visit when I went back to school and ones I met with and saw nearly every day of my 4 years at UPS due to my major (music). Several of my Professors came to my wedding which I don't think would happen in this day and age. Those years were golden and those I've listed helped to make it that way!" -Catherine Nilsen-Thoma '80

"Martin Nelson and Dr. Nigh." -Hepburn Ingham '80

What additional thoughts do you have regarding the University of Puget Sound?

 "To understand Oklahoma is to live in a different culture. I was a tobacco chewing Oklahoma Choctaw / Chickasaw. Who listened to hard core country music, rode Choctaw Ponies, tribal horse. I wanted to be a tribal administrator after graduation. I had severe cultural shock. In Wilburton Oklahoma I felt like God calling me to Raleigh NC to do Singles Ministry. I quit my tribal position drove to Raleigh NC without a job. But having gone to UPS I knew how to meet people and be in a different culture." -Charles Kile '80

"I work with Amy Lloyd OTR also at graduate of the Occupational Therapy program at UPS. My deceased Father in law, Allen Burgland attended CPS for a while year ago. I felt it was the best physical therapy program in our state and I still feel that way!" -John Celestino '80

"I have very sweet memories of UPS in part, because it is where I met my husband 41 years ago at Homecoming." -Cindy Smith '80

"I can't tell you how proud I am to say that the University of Puget Sound is my Alma Mater. It gave me a lifetime of memories, friendships, education, and practical business skills, (I've been self employed for 40 years this coming fall; I love my boss). I'm always happy when I come back to campus; it makes me realize what a perfect fit the University was for me!" -Catherine Nilsen-Thoma '80 

If you would like more information about the Class of 1980 40th Reunion, or would like to join the Reunion Planning Committee, contact Class President Scott Jackson '80 P'15