Can you believe that it has been 46 years since your time at Puget Sound? No doubt, the memories you cherish make it feel like yesterday!

What are some of your favorite memories of your time at Puget Sound?

"Powder-puff football games on the lawn in front of Anderson-Langdon; "Chicken Fat" exercises in the evenings in Langdon Hall; an entire semester touring and studying in Europe with the Adelphian Concert Choir; the closeness and fastness of the life-long friendships from the dorms and the Adelphians. We all still get together!" - Leslie Brownell '76

"Campus atmosphere and festivities. Good football teams back then. Great basketball teams. NCAA D-2 national championship. Not having to go to Thompson Hall every night to study!" - Anthony Kiriluk '76

"Meeting students from other areas. Studying in the Library until closing. Walking through campus, especially at night." - Norman Bellamy '76

"Long talks in the SUB, walking North Tacoma, the woods behind the library, geology field trips." - Elaine Stanovsky '76, P'10

"Friendly people. Beautiful surroundings." - Carlos Verheije '76

"1976 Division 2 Basketball Championship. Weekend parties." - Anthony Brown '76

"My roommate and me reading Shakespeare aloud to each other with a teapot and primroses on our bright orange cable spool table. Walking along Union Avenue shuffling the fall leaves. Classes that made me reach deep, think critically, try new things, discover the value of a liberal arts education." - Merrilee Wong '76

"Campus life." - John Long '76

"Cultivating life-long friendships and meeting my husband in a lab class." - Jean Baumgartel '76

"Classes in my Major - Physical Education - Athletic participation." - Louise King-Taylor '76

"London Study Abroad Program in Fall of 1974. Relationships formed with fellow students. Spring time on campus was always memorable because of the beauty of the campus." - Gregory Unruh '76

"Point Defiance." - Peter McMillin '76

"Being involved in cross-group activities, the art department and the beautiful campus." - Dana Nunnelly '76

"Professors easily accessible and campus well laid out. " - Brad Denend '76

Who were your favorite Puget Sound faculty and/or staff? What made them your favorite?

"Ernie Combs, Robert Albertson." - Bill Sheard '76

"Del Langbauer, Margo Holmes, Florence Sandler. They were passionate about the subjects they thought and about passing their passion onto me all all of their students. Because of them I have had a life long passion in hiking, backpacking and skiing in the mountains and working for 40 continuous years in occupational therapy." - Jean Baumgartel '76

"Dr. Roy Polly,  He was my advisor.  He always gave great advice." - Brad Denend '76

"Dr  Thompson was my favorite.  I met him while working on his car.  He was a feisty and earthy individual... My type of individual." - Harry Jones '76

"Dr Prins, Dr Norimoto Ino, LeRoi Ostransky." - Peter McMillin '76

"Dr. J. Bruce Rodgers, Dean of the School of Music (which he put on the map), Conductor of the Adelphian Concert Choir - tough as nails - didn't let me get away with anything; warm as a teddy bear; passionate; humorous; incomparable impeccable musician; mentor; and friend. Dr. Langbauer - for opening my eyes to the validity of world religions; Dr. Ester Wagner - for introducing me to excellence of writing as well as thought; Dr. Ebert - another incomparable passionate musician and very humorous man." - Leslie Brownell '76

"Richard Overman, Al Eggers, Norm Anderson, Stuart Lowther, Darrell Reeck, Bob Albertson, Del Langbauer, chaplains Jim Davis and Jerry Smith.  All professors were easily accessible for conversation and guidance outside class.  They all cared enormously about their disciplines and drew you into their enthusiasm by their own." - Elaine Stanovsky '76, P'10

"Prins, Pollen, many more." - Kevin Kerstiens '76

"Bob Vogel, Bill Colby, and Marcia Jarten from the art department - all excellent teachers that helped bring out the artist in yourself. John English in Student Services - he was very fair and saw things others didn't - and made sure the right thing happened. Lloyd Matsunami - without his support, I may not have been able to stay at UPS." - Dana Nunnelly '76

"Ernie Combs - Economics.... because he made Econ fun! Carl Clavadetscher - Communications...Great guy and a sailor!" - John Long '76

"Dr. Jim Clifford. P Chem instructor and my faculty advisor. Also joined in on varsity soccer practices and team.  Very cognitive, pragmatic, encouraging, and energetic. "Hyper" would fit him well!" - Anthony Kiriluk '76

"Dr. Heppe. Political Science.  Just a great guy. I took every class he taught. Francis Chubb.  Understanding the Arts.  Took the class pass/fail but would of earned an A. Still see paintings and art from her class around the world. Dr. Leroy Annis. Radicals and Revolutionaries.  Made sense in the turbulant early 70s." - Michael Ramoska '76

"Dawn Bowman, Alice Bond, Joseph Peyton, Ron Simonson, Coach Wally Waldorf." - Louise King-Taylor '76

"Dr. Prins, he was so strict. I learned being on time to classes defines the type of person you want to be! The cashiers in the lunchroom, one, in particular, I can't remember her name, but she was so friendly to the students. A Business professor, he also worked at JC Penny's. Helped me with studies and provided seasonal work at Penny's." - Norman Bellamy '76

"LeRoy Annis, who encouraged me to speak up in class and who saw talent that few others could see. Esther Wagner just because she was such a character (and called everyone "Dearie"). Al Eggers, who made the science of geology into an art and scripted "natural disaster movies" such as when Mt. Rainier blows." - Merrilee Wong '76

"Proffessor Prins. Very good guidance." - Carlos Verheije '76

"Walter Lowrie. Incredibly intelligent, yet humble and approachable. He was our chaperone for the London Study Abroad Program in 1974." - Gregory Unruh '76

"Professor Polly. Accountant." - Anthony Brown '76

What additional thoughts do you have regarding the University of Puget Sound?

"Been to many Class Reunions for 1975 & 1976. Great time. Plan to attend 1975 45th Reunion in June or whenever it is rescheduled.  Maybe share reunion with 1976 in 2021. The campus looks outstanding with all the new buildings since the 70s." - Michael Ramoska '76

"I have not listed current friends from UPS because there are too many of them. They were all from my Freshman and Sophomore years at UPS and include men and women from Anderson-Langdon, Todd Hall, and various sororities/fraternities. Also, every one of the Adelphians who spent a semester abroad in Spring 1973 (aka, "The Vienna Adelphians." Both dorm friends and Adelphians still get together whenever we can, at least (but often more than) once a year." -  Leslie Brownell '76

"UPS was as important in shaping my life as any institution or influence.  I truly would not be the person I am today without the testing, support, encouragement, opportunities and stretching in all ways that I received.  And as parents, Clint and I are profoundly grateful for the grounding and launching our son, Micah, received there, especially through is Pacific Rim experience." - Elaine Stanovsky '76, P'10