Can you believe that it has been 50 years since your time at Puget Sound? No doubt, the memories you cherish make it feel like yesterday!

What are some of your favorite memories of your time at Puget Sound?

“My time involved in theater productions, particularly during the Winterim.” – Steven Anderson ‘73

Who were your favorite Puget Sound faculty and/or staff? What made them your favorite?

“Dr.Tim Hansen. Never gave up on me to learn to enjoy English literature and to finish with a BA degree from the University of Puget Sound.” – Edward Yokoyama ‘73

What additional thoughts do you have regarding the University of Puget Sound?


“Fortunate to attend UPS via the GI Bill following military service. The degree opened doors that probably wouldn't have been opened without the ability to write or type in graduate of University of Puget Sound 1973. I believe a degree and, or a graduate degree from UPS unlocks opportunities for each graduate and will help them achieve life long goals.” – Mr. Richard Cratsenberg ‘73