Can you believe that it has been 51 years since your time at Puget Sound? No doubt, the memories you cherish make it feel like yesterday!

What are some of your favorite memories of your time at Puget Sound?

"All of the good times with my Beta brothers, four of whom are still very close friends." - Edward Brewster '71

"Sorority and Fraternity functions, the Ed Dept - great teachers and professors." - Kris Kosa-Correia '71, '74

"Shakespeare Festival summer of 1974." - Debra Griggs '71

"I arrived as a junior transfer and ended up sleeping on a cot in the women's gym with 40 other freshmen and transfers. After a couple of weeks, a bed became available at CBC (see above) and I moved there--one semester in a 'cubicle,' one semester in the carriage house, and two semesters in the master bedroom of the manor house. Highlights include all the fun things CBC residents did together, the Art Garden Rose Mother's Day Show ( spring 1970 or 71)." - Robin Sweeney '71

"Private Art show at the Kittredge Gallery." - Davis Garabato '71

 "Luaus, sports events, concerts, dining with 7 roommates from Anderson Langdon Hall (Peggy, Karen, Penny, Gail, Judy, Sharon, Darlene).  It was like we had our own little sorority." - Carrie Wade-Nurse '71

"Time with sorority sisters and hours in the dorm when we studied and played together." - Cathy Graff '71

" Taking classes, working at Cellar Ten and UPS switchboard. Projects during Winterim session." Jonelle Adams Ed.D. '71 

"Hawaii marine biology winterim." - Fred Gardner '71

"My fraternity experience." - Belaye Stefanos '71

"Regattas; when Dave Miller and I went to UW to row and watched USC and the Huskies play football; the basketball and swim teams. The campus. The Weyerhaeuser Mansion." - Vern Van Houten '71, MBA '73, P'00

"Fraternity life-just had our 59th reunion in Belfair last summer!" - Michael Hays '71

"School activities, faculty staff, and numerous friends." - Donn Lewis '71

"Great faculty, songfests, work-study in the library, student movements." - Paula Mochida '71, P'04

"The multitude of friends made during my school years." - Richard Walters '71

Who were your favorite Puget Sound faculty and/or staff? What made them your favorite?

"Dr. Frank Peterson - he was approachable and encouraging." - Carrie Wade-Nurse '71

"The following faculty(1967-1971)  instilled confidence, opened new doors of knowledge, spent time conversing, and recognized my strengths:  Robert Albertsons, Renate Hodges, Fred Slee, Phil Hager, Stewart Lowther, and Desmond Taylor." - Paula Mochida '71, P'04

"Dr. Hartley and Dr. Heppe, both of whom were entertaining and most interested in student support and learning."   - Edward Brewster '71

"They worked in the industrial world before teaching, and knew what the real world was like." - Bruce Jordan MBA '71

"I don't remember the name, but I had an excellent education faculty member who taught Ed Psych and then a winterim course focusing on the books and programming we should be aware of. It was the beginning of Sesame Street, which we watched and critiqued!" - Cathy Graff '71

"Dr. Paul Heppe - Political Science, Professor Tate - Psychology, Dr. Coulter - History." - Russell Andavall '71

"Dr. Albertson. Dr. Prins. Dr. Nelson. They listened. They provided a different view of what we thought." - Vern Van Houten '71, MBA '73, P'00

"Roy Polly, Business Department. Took most of my business classes from him and he was a great supporter of all the students he taught!" - Richard Walters '71

"Bob Albertson, who was the staff member 'in charge' of the CBC campus. All around neat guy, good sense of humor, took CBC residents on a pre-Christmas trip to Victoria BC, where we slept in a church basement.
The head cook at CBC (name escapes me). She would make omelets to order in the mornings if you walked in and asked for one, and if you let her know there was something you'd really like for dinner, it would often show up on the menu in the next couple of weeks." - Robin Sweeney '71

"Dr. Wagner - encouraged me, spoke to me honestly, professional without being distant." -Debra Griggs '71

"Dr. Phillips (made me think), Gifford, Roy, and Annabelle Lee in Ed Dept, George Mills - great guy all around, Coach Ryan and Wallrof and, of course, Dr. T." - Kris Kosa-Correia '71, '74

"Paul Heppe - helped me when  changed majors (during Vietnam war)." - Michael Hays '71

"AFROTC & Political Science staff." - Donn Lewis '71

"Dr. Danes, physics prof. a real patriot, he at least knew what he was talking about. Dr. Lowther, geology prof, he liked fossils - my kind of guy and he was Canadian and a real gentleman." - Fred Gardner '71

"Professor Colby-- love of art. Professor Colter - love of Pacific Northwest history and the pranks students played on him." - Jonelle Adams Ed.D. '71

"Psychology professors and French teacher-names not recalled." Paula Owens '71

What additional thoughts do you have regarding the University of Puget Sound?

 "I remember my years at UPS fondly and am grateful for the friends I made and the foundation it gave me for my career." - Cathy Graff '71

"UPS was life-changing." - Paula Mochida '71, P'04

"Enjoyed attending my Class of 1971 Reunion held in 2011." - Donn Lewis '71

"Very fond memories of my time at UPS.  The years have passed way too quickly!" - Edward Brewster '71

"Wish I could remember the guy that recruited at Kailua High School back in '67 and '68. He's why I chose Puget Sound. And staying in touch with George Mills over the last 45 + years. So so sad to hear of his passing. Hoping my oldest granddaughter can be in the Class of 2028!" - Kris Kosa-Correia '71, '74