Date Performed

Mojuba arr. Brian Tate 10/27-28/2012, 12/1-2/2012, and 3/16-26/2013
"O Vos Omnes" from The Lamentations of Jeremiah A. Ginastera 10/27-28/2012 and 3/16-26/2013
"Weihnachten from Sechs Spruche, Opus 79 F. Mendelssohn-Bartholdy 10/27-28/2012, 12/1-2/2012, and 3/16-26/2013
White Stones T. LaVoy 10/27-28/2012 and 3/16-26/2013
El Vito arr. M. Wilberg 10/27-28/2012 and 3/16-26/2013
Sing, Sing, Music Was Given R. Hutchinson 10/28/2012
How Sad Flow the Streams J. Brahms 10/28/2012
O Come All Ye Faithful arr. Wilcocks 12/1-2/2012
All My Heart This Night Rejoices Z. Randall Stroope 12/1-2/2012 and 3/16-26/2013
Hacia Belen va un borrica arr. Parker/Shaw 12/1-2/2012
Yanaway Heyona arr. Tate 12/1-2/2012
Beams of Gentle Light R. Evans Holmes 12/1-2/2012
Maoz Tsur arr. Adler 12/1-2/2012
Silent Night arr. J. Rutter 12/1-2/2012
Let Everything That Hath Breath J. Ames 12/1-2/2012
Magnificat C. T. Pachelbel 3/16-26/2013
Sure On This Shining Night M. Lauridsen 3/16-26/2013
Leonardo Dreams of His Flying Machine E. Whitacre 3/16-26/2013
Selections from My Spirituals E. Jessye 4/12/2013
Lis'en to de Lam's J. L. Cornelius 4/12/2013
Cantata J. Carter 4/12/2013
Ain'-A That Good News arr. W. L. Dawson 4/12/2013 and 5/5/2013
Deep River arr. N. Luboff 4/12/2013 and 5/5/2013
The Battle of Jericho arr. M. Hogan 4/12/2013 and 5/5/2013
"Prayer Before Sleep" from Talmud Suite S. Robinovitch 5/5/2013
Psalm 90 C. Ives 5/5/2013
"Choose Something Like A Star" from Frostiana R. Thompson 5/5/2013
Ching-a-ring Chaw arr. Copland 5/5/2013
Omnia Sol Z. Randall Stroope 5/5/2013
In My Life J. Lennon and P. McCartney, arr. Jasperse 5/5/2013
"A Red, Red Rose" from Four Robert Burns Ballads J. Mulholland 5/5/2013
Hiney Ma Tov Hebrew Folk Tune, arr. Levine 5/5/2013
O How Amiable R. V. Williams 5/5/2013