Work Composer Date Performed
Thou Whose Harmony is the Music of the Spheres S. Chatman 10/1/2011, 10/23/2011 and 3/10-25/2012
Hodie Christus Natus Est G. Gabrieli 10/1/2011, 10/23/2011, and 12/3-4/2011
Before the Marvel of this Night C. Schalk 10/1/2011, 10/23/2011, and 12/3-4/2011
Didn' My Lord Deliver Daniel arr. S.V. Gibbs 10/1/2011, 10/23/2011 and 3/10-25/2012
The Road Home S. Paulus 10/1/2011 and 10/23/2011
O Magnum Mysterium F. Poulenc 12/3-4/2011 and 3/10-25/2012
Maoz Tsur arr. Adler 12/3-4/2011
Light the Legend M. Isaacson 12/3-4/2011
Silent Night arr. J. Rutter 12/3-4/2011
African noel A. Thomas 12/3-4/2011
Hodie Christus Natus Est G. Gabrieli 3/10-25/2012
"From Heaven Distilled a Clemency" from Triptych T. O'Regan 3/10-25/2012
"French Choruses" from The Lark L. Bernstein 3/10-25/2012
In Paradisum E. Sayre 3/10-25/2012
Excerpts from "Choral Dances" from Gloriana B. Britten 3/10-25/2012 and 4/29/2012
Old Joe Has Gone Fishing B. Britten 3/10-25/2012
O Whistle and I'll Come To Ye My Lad arr. Wilberg 3/10-25/2012
Blackbird arr. Runswick 3/10-25/2012
Komm, Jesu, Komm, BWV 229 J. S. Bach 4/29/2012
Matona mia cara O. di Lasso 4/29/2012
Two African Folk Songs arr. Moore 4/29/2012
"Make Our Garden Grow" from Candide L. Bernstein 4/29/2012