(one unit to be taken during the first three years)

Learning Objectives

Students in Artistic Approaches courses develop a critical, interpretive, and analytical understanding of art through the study of an artistic tradition.


  1. The Fine Arts include the visual, performing, and literary arts. Courses in Artistic Approaches may either be historical or creative in emphasis.
  2. Courses in Artistic Approaches examine significant developments in representative works of an artistic tradition.
  3. These courses provide opportunities for informed engagement with an artistic tradition and require students to reflect critically, both orally and in writing, about art and the creative process.

Approved Courses

  • ALC 205 Great Books of China and Japan
  • ARTH 275 Studies in Western Art I: Ancient through Medieval Art
  • ARTH 276 Studies in Western Art II: Fourteenth to the Twenty-First Century
  • ARTH 278 Survey of Asian Art
  • ARTH 302 The Art of Mexico and Mesoamerica
  • ARTS 102 The Principles of 3D Design
  • ARTS 147 A History of Ceramics Through Making
  • ARTS 202 The Printed Image
  • CLSC 201 Ancient Tragedy
  • ENGL 211 Introduction to Creative Writing: Story vs. Anti-Story
  • ENGL 212 The Craft of Literature
  • ENGL 213 Biography/Autobiography/Memoir
  • GERM 300 German Cinema of the Weimar Republic and under National Socialism, 1919-1945
  • GERM 305 Culture in the Third Reich
  • GERM 310 WWI in Literature and the Other Arts, 1908-1938
  • HON 206 The Arts of the Classical World and the Middle Ages
  • HUM 200 Homer to Hitchcock: The History of Ideas in the Arts
  • HUM 290 Introduction to Cinema Studies
  • HUM 367 Word and Image
  • MUS 100 Survey of Western Music
  • MUS 105 Music in the United States
  • MUS 123 Discovering Music
  • MUS 126 History of Rock Music
  • MUS 220 The Broadway Musical
  • MUS 221 Jazz History
  • MUS 222 Music of the World's Peoples
  • MUS 223 Women in Music
  • MUS 224 The Age of Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven
  • MUS 225 Romanticism in Music
  • MUS 226 Twentieth-Century Music
  • MUS 230 Music from Antiquity to the End of the Baroque Era (c. 500 B.C.E. to 1750)
  • THTR 200 The Theatrical Experience