Symphony Orchestra at the University of Puget Sound is designed to foster musical excellence through ensemble training by helping students develop expression and empowerment as performers, self-awareness and empathy as listeners, and a deeper understanding and appreciation of a diverse repertoire of music. Our goal is to create an enthusiastic, disciplined, and supportive space for people to come together through music. 

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In Spring 2021, Symphony Orchestra will focus on creating new opportunities to bring activities and discussion into the course to enrich students’ abilities and perspectives as ensemble musicians and citizens, in order to advance the following learning goals:

  • Cultivate and develop musicianship skills integral to good and healthy ensemble playing and performance. Refine and sharpen the fundamental abilities that serve as foundations for successful music-making.
  • Seek musical and artistic growth through the exploration of a diverse body of repertoire, including contributions by Black American composers, the African musical diaspora, and Indigenous musical practice.
  • Gain skills and experience in creating performance recordings using asynchronous and live recording techniques.
  • Explore the relationships between our music programs, campus, and the greater Tacoma community.
  • Connect music-related activities with a social context: directed to a particular audience, used to give voice to a chosen cause, or offered with a statement of purpose.
  • Create an enthusiastic, disciplined, and supportive space for people to come together through music, and to be part of a community where we are all accountable for one another, as musicians and human beings.

Symphony Orchestra Performance Videos

Theatricality and Nostalgia, April 2018

Begejstring with Mads Tolling, February 2019

Jake Runestad's Dreams of the Fallen, April 2017