M.Ed. Faculty and the internship mentors with whom we work are deeply committed to your growth as a counselor. Capable and engaged mentors are central to the growth of anyone who enters the health and human services profession.


Strong mentors:

  • Believe in the inherent human capacity for growth and development.
  • Provide individualized supports to you in a variety of ways.
  • Model the disposition of a life-long learner.
  • Listen intently to you and respond with empathy.
  • Challenge you to explore your assumptions and biases.



Our internship mentors are highly-qualified, engaged counselors in their schools and agencies who work to involve you with their students and clients right away. Many mentors with whom we work are alumni and understand our program's goals and the unique features of your internship experience.



MEd faculty members are full-time professors and instructors who have counseling experience in a variety of settings. We are committed to mentoring your growth as a counselor during your time in the program. Many of our graduates stay in touch with us throughout their careers.