In 2018 the following students majoring in humanities fields received a Summer Research award in the Arts and Humanities:

Allexxa Brooks, Spanish, The Woman who Stayed: Rediscovering Rosario del Olmo and her Efforts During the Spanish Civil War
Elayna Caron, Studio Art, Sharing my Practice
Ian Chandler, Studio Art, The Interaction Between Modern Fabrication and Sculpture
Indigo DaCosta, English, Romantic Relationships in Mental-Health-Themed Young Adult Novels
Colleen Hanson, Philosophy and Bioethics, A Philosophical Approach to the Standardization of Hospital Ethics Services
Ally Hembree, Studio Art and Communication Studies, From Eve to Ava: Critical Examination and Response to What Happens When Men Create Women
Walker Hewitt, Studio Art, Translations from Digital Collage to Painting: Exploring a Liminal Art Making Process
Ayse Hunt, Art History, Computer Science, Honors, Digital Media Technology in Art Museums
Sam Lilly, Philosophy and Honors, Perceptions and Attitudes toward Suicidality
Sophia Munic, Studio Art, Patternmaking as Contemporary Sculpture
Ronda Peck, Studio Art, Glass and Ceramics United
Henry Schaller, History, Crusades, Colonialism, and Medieval Conceptions of Race
Mary Thompson, Art History, Pubic Hair Untamed: Agency and Primitivism in Modigliani's Female Nudes