Mathematics and Computer Science Seminars

The Mathematics and Computer Science Seminar topics range widely, but typically focus on original research, technical exposition, snapshots of working life, or teaching.

Seminar Schedule, Spring 2017

Seminar attendees are invited to gather at 15 minutes prior to the talk to partake of light refreshments and to socialize.

Jan 30, 2017

Jake Linenthal and Brandon Roberts

Milliman - MedInsight

4pm, Thompson 395

Mar 6, 2017

Justin Sukkienik

Visiting Professor of Mathematics, University of Puget Sound

4pm, Thompson 395

Mar 30, 2017


Erica Flapan

Lingurn H. Burkhead Professor of Mathematics, Pomona College

4pm, Thompson 395

Apr 10, 2017

Matthew Moreno

University of Puget Sound

4pm, Thompson 395