Mathematics and Computer Science Seminars

The Mathematics and Computer Science Seminar topics range widely, but typically focus on original research, technical exposition, snapshots of working life, or teaching.

Seminar Schedule (2018 - 2019)

Seminar attendees are invited to gather at 15 minutes prior to the talk to partake of light refreshments and to socialize.

9/24, 2018

Honest Talk about Graduate School in Math, CS, and Physics

Profs. David Latimer, Rachel Pepper, Jake Price, Adam Smith, and Courtney Thatcher

University of Puget Sound

4pm, Thompson 391

10/1, 2018

Geodesics on Platonic Solids

Prof. Jayadev S. Athreya

Associate Professor and Director, Washington Experimental Mathematics Lab

University of Washington

4pm, Thompson 391


Abstract: In joint work with David Aulicino and Pat Hooper, we study the problem of finding closed geodesics passing through exactly one vertex on the surfaces of Platonic solids. We show that there are no such trajectories on any of the solids except the dodecahedron, on which there are 31 equivalence classes of such trajectories. The talk will be elementary and accessible to undergraduates.

10/22, 2018

Title TBD

Kristine Jones


4pm, Thompson 391

11/5, 2018

Title TBD

Emilie Purvine

Pacific Northwest National Lab

4pm, Thompson 391