Fall Semester Check In

On your lab day: Please remember to bring your lab goggles and lab notebook. Goggles are available at the University Bookstore. Lab notebooks are sold by SAACS (our Department's chapter of the Student American Chemical Society).

Dropping Chemistry Classes: Any student dropping a chemistry lab course who has en equipment drawer assigned to them, and therefore has an account with the Chemistry storeroom, must first clear their account with the Storeroom (even if there is no breakage or missing equipment). First, clear your drawer through your instructor. Then, notify the Storeroom supervisor.

If you forget to do this, there is a $20.00 (minimum) fee to cover the cost of cleaning and organizing your drawer.

Drawer ID Tags:  All assigned (Checked-Out) Lab Drawers must be identified.  Students must print their name on a piece of tape and put it on their lab drawer (including advanced labs and research labs). This lets us know which drawers have been assigned so that no one else will claim your drawer.

Eye Protection - Mandatory: Goggles are required for all lab work and must be purchased by each student -- you may not loan or borrow goggles. Goggles may be purchased at the University Bookstore. If you do not have Goggles, you may not do any lab work. 

Gloves - Mandatory: Gloves are also required for all lab work, and are provided by the department at no charge. Your lab instructor will instruct you on their proper use. If your instructor determines that the nitrile gloves provided by the department do not offer sufficient protection, then another, more protective, variety of glove will be provided to you.

Lab Coat - Advisory: A lab coat will help to protect both your clothes and exposed skin from chemicals, in the event of a hazardous incident. There are a number of online suppliers, as well as a couple in the Tacoma area. 

Chemicals: For independent projects and experiments, all chemicals must be acquired through your instructor or the Storeroom manager. Please do not ask the student attendants in the storeroom: they are not authorized to release chemicals. 

Note: only Course Assistants (CAs) and instructors are allowed inside the storeroom.  

Storeroom Hours: The storeroom is open from 1pm to 5pm Monday through Friday. The storeroom is not open in the mornings or in the late evenings.