Dropping a Lab Class

If you drop this lab class and you have been assigned an equipment drawer, whether you have a drawer partner or not, you must clear your account with the Chemistry Storeroom by first checking out of your lab drawer.

To do this, start by notifying your Instructor and your CA. On your lab day, make arrangements to clear out your account with your instructor, and with the storeroom manager. Here follows a quick outline of the whole process:

  1. Notify your instructor of your intent
  2. Notify the storeroom manager of your intent
  3. Clean out your lab drawer, and wash all of the glassware
  4. Return to the storeroom any borrowed equipment
  5. Clean up the area around your drawer
  6. Put away any extra equipment and supplies that you took from the lab room where you originally got them from.
  7. Settle any breakage charges