Our Vision and Mission


We envision a society where the systemic causes of racism have been uprooted and in which we are energized to re-imagine a world oriented toward the shared experience of liberation.


To educate students and teachers at all levels to think critically about race, to cultivate terms and practices for societal transformation, and to act to eliminate racism.

Guiding Principles

  1. Responsiveness: the imperative to act dialogically in concert with our partner communities in the face of dynamic changes and emergent crises at the nexus of race.
  2. Reciprocity: the practice of mutually respectful and reflexive give and take.
  3. Coherence: a focused commitment to reflect an integrity of purpose in all the multiple facets of our work.
  4. Synergy: garnering the cumulative benefits from our strongest connected selves.
  5. Sustainability: generative practices and relationships that heal, support, and re-energize.
  6. Flexibility: the agility to carry and engage the full arch of our learning in ways that enable us to adjust productively to the changing needs of campus and community.

RPI Strategic Priorities for the University of Puget Sound

Priority One: Curriculum Practice

To transform the culture of curriculum practice to foreground sustainability and responsiveness as central to the enactment of Puget Sound’s educational mission. 

Priority Two: Community Engagement

To build community engagement so as to confront redress and enact relationships of reciprocity and flexibility.

Priority Three: Diversity Initiatives

Reconfigure Puget Sound’s disparate collection of diversity efforts into a coherent, synergistic constellation.