by Dennis Paulson

These photos were taken on three different occasions in the Maple Leaf area of North Seattle. There is still some question about the identity of the flock or flocks of Aratinga parakeets that have been seen for the last several decades in North Seattle and around Seward Park. The choices appear to be Crimson-fronted Parakeet (A. finschi), Scarlet-fronted Parakeet (A. wagleri), Mitred Parakeet (A. mitrata), and/or Red-masked Parakeet (A. erythrogenys). The viewer is asked to look at books on parrots of the world or on South and Central American field guides to make an informed decision.

Most of the photos were taken at some distance and are greatly enlarged, thus the images are not the tack-sharp ones the photographer would have preferred.

Parakeet 1

Late December 1993 (came to yard with a Rose-ringed Parakeet, possibly not part of the future flock)

Parakeets 2-5

November 1994 (not sure how many birds are represented)

Parakeet 6

February 2001 (they seem quite fond of red cedar seeds)